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Trying to stop the spike

Gail Douglas
Gail Douglas5 months ago

I just hope they start the booster vaccine roll out soon 🙏🏻 I’m double vaxxed and just out of ICU. I’ve had Covid 3 times now 🥺

Pauline McCahill
Pauline McCahill5 months ago

Recently I was around somebody who tested positive. It couldn’t be helped as I work with them. On finishing work that day I went straight to the testing centre. Luckily because I am double vaxxed I tested negative 👏

Marie Bellew
Marie Bellew5 months ago

Renfrewshire is the same, I know of 6 people at the moment that are unwell with covid. I'm trying to keep safe but when there's others around you that seem to have forgotten what we've all just been through. It's a real challenge ! I'm scared to get it too. Stay safe everybody 🤞

Diana Hunter
Diana Hunter5 months ago

Just seen your advert on STV to stop the spike, well done! x

Allie Bally Bee
Allie Bally Bee5 months ago

Well said Janey. Folk getting vaxed are helping to avoid lockdown for sure. It's a horrible virus hopefully life gets back to normal soon! I 🥰

Sharon Hull
Sharon Hull5 months ago

Covid is nasty and our family still have long Covid issues with mass cell damage etc, including my ten year old granddaughter 😢 it’s not over yet. So stay safe and only trust yourself 😷

Caroline Evans
Caroline Evans5 months ago

Janey, I feel the same. The virus is rising all the time even here in England, yet some people seem to have abandoned the simplest things to keep ourselves and everyone safe - mask wearing and using handsanitiser. I sometimes feel I am a minority! Stay safe and hope things get better for Glasgow I really do hope it does 🙏💕 sending love x P.S. I am terrified of wasps too!

Maureen Maclure Jefferson
Maureen Maclure Jefferson5 months ago

I’m Canadian and we have the same issues. One of my sons, his wife and three of their four children all had Covid. The youngest was only 18 months old and she was hit hard and her lungs have been affected. Another son, right now, is fighting Covid. We’re all praying he pulls through this. I hope people get the message.

Emma Scott
Emma Scott5 months ago

Well said👏 I am jealous of the view from your I love it. Xx

Steven Mclennan
Steven Mclennan5 months ago

the wasp analogy is a good yin 👏