To be a fly on the wall at the Holmes' home!

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We could listen to Eamonn's stories all day... but we can't, because we've got to get voting at this year's National Television Awards! You decide who...

Posted 2 months ago in TV & Movies

Jen Boulton 2 months ago

I wish Eamonn and Ruth always presented the programme, they are in my view fab.

Nicola Saunders 2 months ago

I’m gonna miss them so much, it’s been lovely being able to watch This Morning, will you ever listen to us viewers 🤷🏼‍♀️😔

Ann Shuttleworth 2 months ago

They're not on for him to tell his stories, but to intervew and listen.......his massove ego !

Shay Lowe 2 months ago

Love these two. Best presenters on this programme by far

Jay Hammel 2 months ago

I really wished Eammon and Ruth were full time. They are a million times better then all the other presenters.

Sally Gale 2 months ago

Love these two...Eamonn becoming prine Phillip with his occasional gaff! Please bring them back on a Friday

Jacqui Harvey 2 months ago

Unfortunately, Eamonn and Ruth are only filling in, they are no longer in regulars employment with This Morning, they were sacked from their Friday job.
Therefore I will not be voting for This Morning, as you are using the fact that you sacked them and now find they have been so popular over the last 7 weeks.
Bring them back and you will have my vote.
I think everyone else who loves them should do the same. Protest with your feet and don’t vote until they are back where they belong.

Mary O'Brien 2 months ago

Love the show when Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are the presenter's.
They do such a fantastic job and are much better than all the other presenter's. 👍😁

Christine Eglington 2 months ago

Love these two summer viewing so much happier than with the others. Holly and Phil getting a little past it and cant stand Dermot and Alison on a Friday. I love Alison when she does her interviews etc hilarious. I love Dermot just not on the sofa sorry just my opinion. Friday was never the same after Eammon and Ruth left!

Sharron Retter-Hyde 2 months ago

I've so enjoyed your shows whilst laid up with a knee injury. Its literally kept me sane over the past few weeks on my todd! I rarely watch daytime TV normally.
Light hearted and informative. I wish you both a happy rest of the summer.