Save Red Wolves

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Essential. Endangered. Extremely vulnerable. #SaveRedWolves

Posted 2 months ago in Animals & Pets

Byron Arnold 2 months ago

Good luck little one. Run fast, hide well.

Doriann Murphy Jasinski 2 months ago

Such a precious baby.. we need to protect the Red Wolf before it is too late.

Bonita Bialota 2 months ago

Beautiful wolf baby. Save these Beauiful Wolves.

Zach A Smith 2 months ago

Can i adopt one somehow i love animals but i love wolves and endangered cats even more.

Blake Gahagan 2 months ago

Save the red wolves. Beautiful animals

Linda Keating 2 months ago

Beautiful animals. Protect them from humans!!!馃槨

Rae Marie Berven 2 months ago

We must save the wolves and coyotes...both important for ecology!!!!

Sandra Fiorillo 2 months ago

Just gorgeous furbaby wish people would just let them be there here for a reason

Mary Guenther Sr. 2 months ago

Precious, need to protect all our wonderful wolf packs.

Beverly Bonne 2 months ago

Stop the killing. It is wrong. We are the intruder's . This is their home. Think about it.