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'CRINGEWORTHY': The 'Gutfeld!' panel gives a scathing review of the New York Times' American flag makeovers.

Roger Heinman
Roger Heinman3 months ago

gutfield is Garbage , what an idiotic show

Kelli Brewer
Kelli Brewer3 months ago

Diane Portas
Diane Portas3 months ago

Especially you Candace!!

Diane Portas
Diane Portas3 months ago

Candace Sucks

Glenda Powers Kodrich
Glenda Powers Kodrich3 months ago

Peppermint patty even snoopy knows it’s not zero.

Sharon Rogers
Sharon Rogers3 months ago

Love watching Cat and Cyrus! Great show for entertainment!

Brad Pettit
Brad Pettit3 months ago

Relax the new flag will be adminastration apporpriate a rainbow swastika... with a unicorn and sparklies...

Sky Ryder
Sky Ryder3 months ago

Why don't they just say Betsy Ross was a bigot. You know they are! Why else would they want to change the American flag.

Shawn Coscia
Shawn Coscia4 months ago

Worst commentator in America....All propaganda and lies... Just what Trump desires.....Keep up the lousy work GOOT...

Linda Roberts
Linda Roberts4 months ago

Only 1 American flag only ONE