This cat refuses to give back this girl's toy phone...

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This cat refuses to give back this girl's toy phone 馃檧

Credit: JukinVideo

Posted 1 year ago in Animals & Pets

Michael Mack 6 months ago

That Cat is from the streets. Better tuck your chain next. Princess will rob your watch while the whole hood watch 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

Samantha Glathar 6 months ago

Omg get the kid her phone

Kriszti Jankovits 1 year ago

My mother cat use to be strict also with me馃槀

Spud 1 year ago

Princess is a bully

Lori A Cannons Crist 1 year ago

Real good mom .That baby is scared of that cat . Go get the phone from the cat an give it to that baby .How is scaring that baby funny?

Joy Mitchell 1 year ago

So sad for the girl, mom should of gotten it for her in stead of letting her cry ..馃槥

Valerie Simonyi 1 year ago

Mark Petocz this is what dexter would do if there was a kid in the house 馃ぃ

Gy枚ngyi Papp 1 year ago

A ti茅d ne is add oda k茅rjen m谩sikat.

Bettina Balga 1 year ago

Dana Tyas haha