Compressorhead - T.N.T. (AC/DC Cover) (live in Moscow, Russia)

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Compressorhead - T.N.T. (AC/DC Cover) (live in Moscow, Russia)

Posted 3 years ago in Music & Audio

Charles Dobson 6 months ago

This is really awesome but as I was watching I watched it a few times and I could be wrong because I'm only seeing it on a screen on my phone but it doesn't look like bass and guitar are actually playing. Is somebody playing the guitar for them or is this pre-recorded or are they playing I can't tell it does not look like their fingers are moving. Either way wicked cool!

Kellie Duncan 6 months ago

90% of you could do better I suppose? 🙄

Thiago Clemente 6 months ago

Susana Krebsky meu olha isso mostra para seu pai tmb que dahora

Collins Cameron 3 years ago

I'll take my toaster to see them.

David Neil Brown 3 years ago

Loosen're to mechanical on stage.

Nick Hed Rutten 2 years ago

Sounds equally as awful as AC/DC themselves! Nice work

Chauncey Harvey 3 years ago

..... soon they became self aware and played nothing but Christian rock.

Jason Limas 1 year ago

So is this a metal band...

Wade Casaldi 2 years ago

This drummer robot looks good, it almost looks like it is really playing. It's too bad the guitar and bass didn't look like they were playing. They should have used the actual recording from AC/DC instead of this knock off version.