Anthony Albanese calls on federal government to extend JobKeeper scheme

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More than 200,000 Australians lost their jobs last month according to the latest unemployment figures.

“The government can’t just withdraw JobKeeper on...

Posted 1 year ago

រតនៈ រតនៈ 1 year ago

Plz still allow us to withdraw our super without any condition.

Vic Law 1 year ago

Why are catholic priests getting jobkeeper payments equal to double their stipend and university professors don’t? Something stinks.

Ace Velevski 1 year ago

lmfaooo did she did this hard at scomo over the sports grant where everyone involved are still in there same job?

but nah let's push at all coz someone said some bad words to his mate in a private text

Sandra Sam Cross 1 year ago

these figures are for May....many state restrictions were eased early June and more businesses opened up or were able to take more customers......and Qld not the only state with borders closed to keep people alive

Bobby Singh 1 year ago

Charandeep Singh Minhas hi what is this is it true

Kathy Atzarakis Bourinaris 1 year ago

Scomo said from day dot that Jobkeeper was temporary for 6mths... So if yr out of work or will be out of work keep looking or apply for jobseeker!!
I’ve been stood down now for 10weeks with no Jobkeeper payments due to a loophole or any payments ..... We are relying on one wage...
Quite unfair when I have worked from the age of 18 paid all my taxes and the one time I need some entitlements I get nothing !!!

Phil Koots 1 year ago

Yet share market keeps going up

Abdullah Imran 1 year ago

Some people just freaking lying to the government by working cash on hand and getting job keeper money .. .. and government increased Centrelink payment for those who keep eating Centrelink forever... that’s not fair tho

Leanne Rowan 1 year ago