WE Charity to no longer run $900M federal volunteer program

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WE Charity will no longer be administering Canada's $900 million Student Service Grant program. This comes after criticism from lawmakers over how the...

Posted 1 year ago

Claude White 1 year ago

Send in the cops and let him be treated like a criminal

Riz Felix 1 year ago

Unbelievable?...what is wrong with this program except that “conflict of interest” and what else?...what is the biggest failure of this program?...where is the tangible corruption??

Deborah LeForte 1 year ago

What is the rationale behind having charities administer public funds? That is not their responsibility and certainly not their priority, it is the government's.

Nicholas Ross 1 year ago

Geez what a pity this fell apart it had all the hallmarks of a sponsorship scandal for the woke set. I can't wait until we find out how much of Trudeau's Covid largesse was wasted or siphoned off.

Cheryl Thoen 1 year ago

John Podesta, read on him you will be surprised at what you find out. Trump has been arresting, child traffickers so what's the matter with them, they short of kids. TRUDEAUS best friend,right hand man has something to do with this. Look into WE, you are going to be shocked, your goverment is part of it.

Lucinda Knowlton 1 year ago

aww gee will his dear mom and wifie lose income from commercials from WE So disappointing eh Trudeau

Susan Horne Bennett Dodgson 1 year ago

Lock up this crook.

Tom Fagan 1 year ago

now how much did it cost to break that contract

Catherine Michaud Gordon Forden 1 year ago

errrrrrr everything is shifty and back handed with this dude

Vlado Kukulj 1 year ago

Pedo Trudeau wants to fund the 33rd world. Because he does 🤦‍♂️