Tia, Theous and Mom Carolyn | I Love A Mama's Boy

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"She's my best friend, my ride or die, and my travel partner." ⬅️ He's talking about his mom! Get to know Tia, Theous and Carolyn on #ILoveAMamasBoy...

Posted 2 months ago in TV & Movies

Michael Badillo 2 months ago

Girls at the time: He loves his mama
He'll love me like that too. 😂😂

Erika Prophet-Payne 2 months ago

It's no way in the would I would deal with the "mommas boy". Some mothers treat their sons like their husband's. My husband's mother stopped talking to him since we been married. We been together 13 years total, been married 9 of 13. I'm at the point get over it Andy husband is at the point for years now of not caring.

Dana Lewis 2 months ago

This is even more funny because I know this family, actually very close. I have known the son since he was a little boy. It is intended to be humorous and is exaggerated but you all are taking it way too seriously. This young lady isn't crazy, THEY ARE HAVING FUN !!! You all were supposed be enjoying the FUN... ease up a little !!!!

Ann Collard 2 months ago

I don’t understand the girlfriends at all. It is pretty obvious they are walking into a toxic relationship. Why wouldn’t they just walk away. Love surely is not that blind.

DaJuane McIntyre 2 months ago


Linda Castleberry 2 months ago

I am a mother my son's are 50, 48, but I am not the one to be this close with my sons. WTF going on here

Stephanie Bain Edwards 2 months ago

Girlfriend you got a problem, ten years with this man and his Mom. You need help, you are deluded...You must live abuse more power to you.2🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ebny Gill 2 months ago

This is so troubling it’s not funny
Selfish mothers
Destroying their kids life

Karen Hamlett 2 months ago

You two have been together for 10 years and not married. Well he's not going to bc he married to be a mommy baby boy

Barbara Short 2 months ago

That's just so wrong on all accounts grow up dude