TV3 Ghana - 📌TICKING TIME BOMB: Pupils of Konkoma D/A...

TV3 Ghana • 8 months ago   119     23  •  3.6K Views
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📌TICKING TIME BOMB: Pupils of Konkoma D/A primary and JSS in the Ashanti Region cry for help!


Posted 8 months ago in Social Issues
Yung Kodak
Yung Kodak8 months ago

We have all this in ghana this 21st century

Hanselm Kellwood
Hanselm Kellwood8 months ago

Ghana is such a reckless country, Ghanaians are complacent and proactive. A class of people that watch a house to be completely razed by fire and they start to fetch water to the scene.

Joshua Freeman Osator
Joshua Freeman Osator8 months ago

Like seriously 😲🙄🙄👎 👎 👎 Mr teacher please and pls use the trees as classroom than this 🙄🙄😲

Eric Asante
Eric Asante8 months ago

2021, but we are still living in 1920's. Ghana is sick.

Morti8 months ago

Family and friends Government. Were is Ghana going hmmm .

Foster Grace
Foster Grace8 months ago

Our education and our future leaders need help please

Ayeh Joan Cee
Ayeh Joan Cee8 months ago

Pls teaching and learning should be done under the trees rather. More safer than this building pls🙏

Gifty Martey
Gifty Martey8 months ago

Ama Ghana 😰😰😰🤔

Eric Asante
Eric Asante8 months ago

Government shouldn't use that big amount of money on that population census. We need to use that money on things like this.

Felix AY
Felix AY8 months ago

With all this lapses, when civil Ghanaians chant fix the country, you have a lunatic like Annoh Dompreh responding back fix your attitude with irrelevant speeches.