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9th day of protests in Detroit against police brutality

Posted 1 year ago in Social Issues

Detroit Free Press 1 year ago

Reporting live for us tonight is Jeff Seidel. He's normally one of our sports columnists. Guess what? There are no sports! So Jeff is lending us his experience in news reporting tonight. Thanks, Jeff! Be safe.

Detroit Free Press 1 year ago

Thanks for joining our livestream again tonight. We have deployed journalists every night to cover these Detroit protests. If you want to support our journalism, please consider subscribing. Go to www./freep.com/subscribe. Thank you!

Tina Buchanan 1 year ago

Pi would like to enjoy the casinos when they open back up. Are the protesting by them?

Daniel Haremski 1 year ago

Were police arresting protesters past curfew last night or no?

Melissa Kremer-Raderstorf 1 year ago

As long as it is peaceful.. I see no issues of people coming together

Chikita Thomas 1 year ago

Mandy was at the Hall Rd protest lead by 3 teenagers

Jeanne Van Horn 1 year ago

Appears to be a celebration!! Not protest !! Not appropriate!! Not that I'm saying looting & stealing should be done !!

Candice Johnson 1 year ago

It’s okay to Celebrate! Just be considerate of others and be Peaceful.

Cristina Angelina 1 year ago

Detroit love. Showing tbe world why we are the best at making/promoting change happen

Karen Doyle 1 year ago

Was cops out of schools in there? It was yesterday!