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PFIZER CHILD VACCINE: Dr. Jha joins David Muir to break down how soon kids could get the shot and what parents should know after Pfizer announced that its COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective for kids aged 5-11.

Anna Stenseng
Anna Stenseng4 months ago

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Carly George
Carly George4 months ago


Sandie Gaudet
Sandie Gaudet4 months ago

Child abuse.

Roxanne Epperson
Roxanne Epperson4 months ago


Sarah Telfair
Sarah Telfair4 months ago

So will all you anti vaxers be taking your children to the ER if they start struggling to breathe with Covid? Or treating them at home? Genuinely curious

Lea Summerbee
Lea Summerbee4 months ago

Why isn’t it done by weight then? There can be huge differences in kids sizes. Why is the dose-size determined by age and not weigh?

Mat Frye
Mat Frye4 months ago

Yeah I wanna get the book I've got to cause I've been
Yeah I do wanna get the book of shot cause I got diabetes in my in just 30

Melissa Martinez
Melissa Martinez4 months ago

Look leave the children along Adults should have a choice also. YAHUSHA is his name by his stripes we are healed. Not by works.

Steve Duffield
Steve Duffield4 months ago

PhI et just got done for champex the quite smoking drug causing cancer trust that mob with your kids 🧐

Guargaryen James Rodrakis
Guargaryen James Rodrakis4 months ago

How to deal in a situation when a baby by mistake received a COVID shot in my home country 🇨🇱? Are there any side effects