Walking a dog in Norway .. 😍😍

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Walking a dog in Norway .. 😍😍


Posted 1 year ago in Travel & Leisure Activities

Judith Swingle 1 year ago

So beautiful . Imagine waking up to that every day . Just peace and quiet ,no pollution ,clean fresh air . Growing your own food in pure untainted ground . I would love this,some of my ancestors are Norwegian .

Annie Sloane 1 year ago

This is making me pea green with envy and evoking strong desires to visit! Such a wonderful dreamy release from tiresome lock down!

Michelle Shillito 1 year ago

So pretty in Norway I used to have a friend I can't find him anymore but he was from Norway a long long time ago

Ranjana Channoo 1 year ago

Where in Norway is this place 😳

Glenn Koch 1 year ago

Norway looks fabulous!

Tope Dy 1 year ago

Which part of Norway is this? I would love to visit it someday.

Mariete Teixeira 1 year ago

Because the corona virius l can't go to Norway last month l hope to go next year. I have very curiosity to know this Contry

Наталя Гренцер 1 year ago


Shelley Lucinsky 1 year ago

I hope to travel to Norway one day 😊

Fran Sevits 1 year ago

Love to walk that path💜