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This Charcuterie board has us drooling...

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Teresa Pontes
Teresa Pontes4 months ago

I don't know who's running Tasty these days but it seems like someone with nothing to lose

Jocelyn G. Marin
Jocelyn G. Marin4 months ago

Aren't you tasty VEGETARIAN?????

Dane Whipple
Dane Whipple4 months ago

Someone please explain to the intern what vegetarian means.

Jim Lowell
Jim Lowell4 months ago

It's full of MEAT!! What is wrong with you people???

Diego Segura
Diego Segura4 months ago

You actually posted a charcuterie board video on a vegetarian page.... πŸ€”

Arlene Meyer
Arlene Meyer4 months ago

LOL I had to check to make sure I was wrong. The meats ain’t vegetarian. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Kathleen Shea Stewart
Kathleen Shea Stewart4 months ago

I'm obsessed with charcuterie boards... when I had my catering company always made sure there was at least one at each event

Erin Day
Erin Day4 months ago

See.... Even vegetarians are learning everything tastes better with meat πŸ˜‚

Amy Stone
Amy Stone4 months ago

OK, are you trying to run the group to the ground now, 'Tasty Vegetarian'?! This is getting silly!

Lia Baird
Lia Baird4 months ago

What happened to VEGGIE???