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First at Four premiers today! Monica Hannan and Kevin Lawrence bring you a different approach to presenting the topics of the day.

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Watching first at four, your news and weather headlines start right now. Welcome everybody to the very first at four. I'm Monica Hannon and I'm meteorologist Kevin Lawrence. The time has come here. It is absolutely this isn't our first No 20 years ago Monica this year in 2000, we launched you and I first news at five and now here we are with first at four. It seems like it just happened. The only thing is you know you think about everything that happened in the last 20 years. A lot went on, but I mean just goes so fast. I had a one -year-old let's see. Have twins now and a lot has change in our life, but but here we are 20 more years. We'll do a 10 'clock show there you go there you go but right now. tell us about the word. Alright well. do you like summer. It is after all the first day of meteorological summer. now, the calendar might say otherwise for the first official day coming up later this month, but the full months of June, July and August are meteorological summer today, no doubt it certainly feels like it this being the three warmest months of the year. Astronomical summer officially. Begins on June twentieth and ends on September 20. second look at these temps right now it's 89 in the Bismarck Mandan area. Jamestown 80 - eight. Where's the heat. Can you believe 96 degrees. We're just four degrees shy of reaching the century Mark in Fargo right now, you guessed it hottest day of the year 83 in Williston. It's much more tolerable for the toward the West and look at Eastern Montana only in the upper seventies. so the wind not too problematic. There's fairly dry one reason we're he. So much right around five to 15 miles an hour, but that high end this Mark right now, 80 - nine. The winds are fairly light lots of people out and about and our evening looking superb Monica with temperatures still holding into the eighties and even nineties the next couple of hours keep the wind under control. That's right time now for our top four at four, These are the big stories we're covering for you today. Mandan police are investigating a possible homicide after a man was found dead early this morning. They responded To a countryside. At 330 this morning for a 53 year-old man lying on the sidewalk, Officers said the man was dead when they arrived. They have not yet determined his cause of death, but police say he had wounds consistent with either a knife or a sharp object. A person of interest is in police custody for questioning right now. We will keep you updated on this story throughout the evening. We also expect to learn more about the shooting deaths of two active duty airmen at the Grand Forks Air Base. It happened early this morning. Military authorities say both airmen were members of the 300 nineteenth reconnaissance swing. Names have not yet been released an update on Koen in our state state health officials reporting 48 more cases since yesterday, bringing the total to 2625 two more people have been hospitalized. number of actively sick is at it's lowest point since the second of May and more good news on the Corona virus from Europe today, Spain reported no deaths from covid- 19 today for the first time since March, cultural centers and museums They're reopened as the country enters its second. Of reentry, the country had been under lockdown restrictions for three months and cafes and restaurants are busy serving customers outside public outside public transportation remains strictly monitored protests continued around the nation today a week after George Floyd's death and today during a teleconference with governors President Donald Trump called many of them weak in their handling of the violence. Minneapolis is still at the epicenter of this with protesting largely peaceful J Gray has the latest. This is the neighborhood where George Floyd was killed exactly a week ago. today. We wanna give you a first hand look at the devastation here and you can see this intense fire really burning away most everything here. There's some metal left some of the brick concrete that survived here, but for the most part this entire community really gutted in a fire that left up four stories as you can see here now what we saw overnight here was people coming out people starting. Clean up people trying to deliver some good news to areas like this one. What we also saw for the first time was no real violence, no fires overnight. There were dozens of arrests here, but overall those were for curfew violations, not for the things that we have seen over the last several days so officials here believe things trending in the right direction today, though we'll be a different day they do expect protesters out again, peaceful protest and they expect larger numbers today. It is the week anniversary of. It could be very emotional, especially in this community. That's the latest from here in Minneapolis. I'm Jay Gray back to you now, peaceful protest certainly understandable. We all agree with that. It's just when there's destruction and personal property being lost or a lot of these business owners to put their whole life savings into exactly it's not their fault. No. It's not their fault at all, so there's really two sides to that story and it's just unfortunate the lawlessness that has happened and you turn on the news. Last night, Washington DC with flames and the church, and it's just totally uncalled for it right. It's just that's just anger coming out in a way that doesn't help anybody. That's exactly right all right coming up on first news at four Major League baseball players have released their own proposal for a summer season. We'll tell you the big changes they're requesting up next.

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