Freedomfest 2020 in Downtown Texarkana

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"Sparks in the Park" is no more... but the group Texarkana United is doing everything they can to save the event. However, the city of Texarkana Arkansas...

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Les Munn 1 year ago

I am fairly confident the City of Texarkana is not requiring this event to be held downtown. From the governor's perspective this event shouldn't be held at all. Well the part about parking options I saw from a quote on another news site is a lie. There is not better and more parking options for downtown. As a business owner, I do not want this large of an event and crowd downtown. The voices of concern and disagreement have been made to Texarkana United and they obviously are going to bully their way into this event. I have heard the comments that all the businesses downtown want this event and I have not talked to one person from this group asking us. Downtown can not logistically handle this volume of people. So when every street is backed up with vehicles, how is law enforcement, ems, and fire units going to be able to respond to my property to help me. We have already had a group cancel at one of our businesses as well. Is Texarkana United going to pay for the fence around my property to protect my investment? I have heard they have armed security going to patrol downtown, how they have no authority to handle any situation and no training to do so unless they work for Texarkana PD, Arkansas State Police or Miller County sheriff office. As a business owner, this does not need to happen.

Tommy Nipper 1 year ago

Just curious, Why does it have to be held on the Arkansas side?

Christopher Shurtleff 1 year ago

Glad I’ll be on the lake ✌️✌️✌️✌️ 🤦‍♂️ people loosing their minds!

Wendy Sterling Carr 1 year ago

Calls himself a Christian but pulls this crap

Wendy Sterling Carr 1 year ago

Doesn’t need to happen

Teresa Cox 1 year ago

No, the animals do not need to be totally free all the time. But you cut off a lot of people who would love an animal to spend time with by having the higher adoption fees.

Barbara Taylor 1 year ago

That sounds great poor fur babies getting family

Jeremy Matherly 1 year ago

Or the veterans in the area that this affects with their PTS, fireworks are a HUGE trigger

Teresa Cox 1 year ago

This is so good to hear. I really like the clear the shelter day. It could be that Saturday so that the animals would be in new homes for the holiday. But it will never happen. The new director told me herself that she will never allow a clear the shelter day. So the animals have no chance of being protected during this night or ever.

Calvin Carson 1 year ago

Freedom Fest