DAY 3 Mask Mandate Lawsuit Cont.

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WATCH LIVE: Parents suing Florida over Gov. Ron DeSantis' ban on school mask mandates to make their arguments on day 3 of hearings.

Posted 2 months ago in Politics

Natalie Neuman-Kasper 2 months ago

This is such a waste of time he never banned anyone from wearing a mask he made it your choice

Julie Neibaur 2 months ago

Parents suing to have the freedom to choose medical decisions for other parents children taken away 🙄!

Sugeiry Dehoyos 2 months ago

We parents have our own decisions they are our kids not the hiverments

Wendy Flynn Sheldon 2 months ago

You can’t use old data to answer questions when there are new variables (delta). It makes no sense

Sugeiry Dehoyos 2 months ago

If parents are not secured they have the right to take them out..

Sugeiry Dehoyos 2 months ago

They should had left school online until all this was over.

Deana Mekita 2 months ago

Leave DESANTIS alone

Sugeiry Dehoyos 2 months ago

I mean not the government

Ronald Wachtler 2 months ago

This is why the government can’t get anything done.You want your kids to wear a mask.that’s is your responsibility,not the schools!

Sugeiry Dehoyos 2 months ago

There goona be school with out no student because my daughter is not wearing a mask 8 hours!!!