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GEORGE FLOYD’S BROTHER SPEAKS IN BROOKLYN: Terrence Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, and Rev. Kevin McCall speaks to crowds gathered at The House of The...
I want to loot and to disrespect the name of George Floyd don't do it in the name of George Floyd. You're disrespecting his legacy. If you want to peacefully, you can do so. But don't do it in the name of George Floyd. We have a issue in New York City, which is a good thing in terms of having a relationship and bridging the gap in this hostile environment. And I'm thankful for now we can have a voice and turn something negative into a conversation that can lead to positive. The Bible says in the book of Isaiah 117 is to be able to teach their oppressors to be able to be a voice for the voiceless and to be able to seek Justice for the widows and that's what we're gonna continue to do as we go forward. In the fight for Justice. To be able to uphold the legacy of Joy Floyd at this time, you will hear from the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, Derma Chey. Everything so I'll be brief in my comments but I came here today with my friend and with my coworker first Deputy Commissioner Tucker to highest ranking member of the New York City Police Department to make a statement first and foremost on behalf of the entire New York City Police Department, the nation's largest police Department that we stand with the Floyd family. We condemn what took place in. And I think it's much larger than law enforcement condemn it any human being with a conscience that looks at that video. I think it feels the same way so my heart goes out to the entire Floyd family. I think this entire difficult period. It's not the first pleased. It's the last, but it should be a wake-up call for this entire country. Of Justice to look in the mirror to work together about what we can do together. I think there's no better place to have this conversation. I honestly don't remember who reached out to him. It's been a long week but I spoke to Reverend Mccall early this week. I think we have a common friend. We sat down earlier this week and begun a discussion a dialogue which I hope. Which gets us to a place where we wanna go and here we stand in a holy building and I don't think there's any better place. When I walked in here I saw I said hello to some of my offices that are outside and one of them who I did not know it's her last day 20 years serving New York City She on the side there. she's not at all embarrassed her. And she's a person of faith who's an ordained Minister, and it's just one of the many beautiful stories of this city of this police Department and we need more and we need more of them together. That is how I truly believe we will get to where we wanna be. I think. Men and women of this police Department. I'm extremely proud of we make mistakes and and law enforcement across this country makes mistakes. We have blood we bleed. We have biases and I think all of us need to continue to see each other continue to hear each other continue to work together and I and I truly hope that this is a beginning of a dialogue that will bring peace as much as possible to the Floyd family. To New York City in this country as a whole and Reverend and I just want to publicly. thank you for extending the branches and having this conversation today. A pleasure good to stand here with you Reverend Daughtry. We go way back. It's been a while really good to see you and we've been through some of this before in the past decade after decade and it's always as sad as it is now you know we've had these moments where we we lose people and and I've seen it time and time again in my 50 years in the business. It breaks your heart every single time and I have to tell you you know when I when I saw the video and I and I and I watched it for those many moments that you all did. we also it was horrific. And you know every time you see something like that, but especially when it's a law enforcement officer engaged in that kind of conduct you know it it Denigrates first of all the the the the the work that that law enforcement officers in this country do every single day. they go out there. They keep their community safe. They do it in the name of service and they do it because it's important to recognize. The people that we serve all deserve to be treated with respect and as I watched that video, it seemed to me that that that officer had absolutely no absolutely no. In fact, he had what seemed to be disdain for George Floyd and it shouldn't happen. You know I you know, I was out there. I did the job Certainly Commissioner she did the job. We've been out in the Street. I've locked people up. We've made a arrest and it was never about treating them differently. because they committed a crime, it was simply about. I'm a police officer. You broke the law. I put the cuffs on you and it's over. I'm not jury. I'm not the judge. I don't make judgments about who you are and I certainly do not. Treat you differently because of who you are what you look like or any of that, and that has to be what our offices do. That's what we teach we expect them to respect the job that they took when they raise their hand and took the oath so so for me it's somewhat personal. I mean I grew up here in Brooklyn, not that far from here and and I used to have run-ins with police when I was a teenager but it it. You know it was and I didn't really like cops, but I can tell you that once I came on this job and I won't go into how it all came about that. I actually took the job, but I started at a and when I came on and I started to work with people in this Department, Yeah and they want all Angels. I can tell you that to be honest but they but many of them most of them were and and I still see these folks today. My partner, Valery is 84 years old and we walked the. And we made a arrest and we did it did it the right way and and that's what I try to pass on to to all the young cops that I have the opportunity to speak with so again on behalf of Terrence and the family I just offer my sincere condolences on on their loss. You are now here from Bishop Herbert Daughtry, the pastor of this historic Church of the House of Lord Church. Thank you very much Commissioner It's almost like a nightmare. Would you believe it? June fourteenth, 1978 A man named Marte Miller was strangled his death so called that's why I brought the paraphernalia out here. I let all the month. Tied up so. Jumped on the subway tracks. I don't know how many times I went to jail. Traffic in the Middle of the streets. What the congressional hearing from Washington here police brutality went to the United Nations with the documentation police brutality. I want that New York was going up and smoke it didn't happen and the many years there are laid the movement we know how to take care of our business People didn't do anything to destroy avert a derail our movement. And I remember standing on the steps of city Hall. I'd come back from Miami in 1980 after being down there and what people call a ride. I'll call him a rebellion. People are angry outraged and I want new-york, but the same thing is gonna happen, but you know it's very interesting. It didn't happen in the years that led the movement not a building. Burned no violence, except the violence that was emanating from the police who ran horses into our movement ran into our movement. I got the downstairs I wish it was a opportunity for you to all the film. This is just a few of them. so I'm here 89 years old been in the movement 61 years. I'm old the only reason I can get out. is that I had to promise my wife of fifty years that I was gonna tighten up picks up fifteen years and eighty-nine years old you can afford it kicked out your your marketability your market ability has been seriously reduced so polished I wish I had something else on so I can get in the House when I get back so I just connected. I'm here. I guess to say that you've got to change it is interesting by the way that downstairs we're giving out 60000 masks 20000 that have already been given out. We have 30000 more contributed by the Black Church packed with my daughter, Reverend Leah. Some of you might know she was the CEO of 2008 Democratic Convention had made history by being CEO of the 2016 so I got all of these voices and influences to telling me to stay home and stay away from all Y'all don't get close, not even the commissioners when the Commission is not gonna get close, you know so I'm here again. I guess to to please. Done for all these many years with all concern that. This is the defining moment they come once in a while, and you sees the moment. This can be the moment that we make America great America this can be the moment I shut up I think it was said ah doing the day subscriber I shut up for my country when I remember that God is just but we got a chance to change I like to see it in my lifetime ah we got a chance to use this occasion use this event And from what I've seen in the Street, I've seen a lot of stuff in the Street that I've seen before, but I'm not quite sure I've seen it on this live in terms of the usefulness and adversity of the people on the move and wanna see change. so I'm glad you come here to this church. I believe it was a divine divine direction that you should come here to this church, which has a long history of being at the cutting. Of the most important issues that affect the planet and the people and so I'm I'm maybe the reason that you got here is that we can say we can make it. We can make a sanctified boast that Ha ha. They came to the church where I had passion for 61 years on the issues that trying to make this country a better country, and it was here that they call the press conference with Reverend Mccall, who I've been known as well he. To tell I tell my and the commissions God bless you all and let us hope that this is the day that we will witness change in America and America will live up the true meaning of its creed. We hold these truth that I don't need to finish the quote. You know it too. well. Thank you. Last statement, then we're gonna go we're calling all community leaders across this country. Those are in New York City that have issues with police conduct cuz we have a conversation. This is the beginning of a conversation that we can be able to work together and I think that's what it is on this time when you use George floor as a symbol of peace and to be able to just be unified and come up with some. Policies and legislation and begin a dialogue on both ends so as we continue to call for peace on the left, we need to have Justice on the right. Thank you and God bless you. Up They didn't know. Terrance Floyd, but he didn't show up you know. Got it got it? okay? Alright. Okay brother. You too man Thank you. We got there's something going on here. I Yeah, Peter. What do you say? To be another one back.

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