River cruise season kicks off in Moscow

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Ship parade in Moscow marks lifting of COVID-19 restrictions

Posted 1 year ago in Vehicles & Transportation

Christopher Kruce 1 year ago

Great coverage of nothing

Kamaal Shidane 1 year ago

Watching from uganda 🇺🇬

Manoj M Shah 1 year ago

Lovely parade

George Chuks-Okonta 1 year ago

Great power, great Nation.

Valerie Wond 1 year ago

Celebrating the lifting of covid restrictions in Russia

Lilly Shmidt 1 year ago

Watching from Palestine

Neil Stamper 1 year ago

I'm from Dundee, but I live in Stornoway and would like to visit Moscow.

Uriel Anderson 1 year ago

Watching from Boston Mass

Bogusław Chruściel 1 year ago

Parade of Victory? )))))

David Antony Farley 1 year ago

That’s a great bend in the river that I can see in the distance