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Cool Little Storms
There we go. That's the. My cooler. Oh, there's the base right there. It is yeah. Hey, Shannon. Hey everybody. Okay. So I'm I'm actually right by my House. I just left the House and we're we're playing this local storms just local you know else anyways. we're We're playing this local farms that are that are actually forming off off of the low pressure area. That's cut off and it's actually out West of us. so we're getting these bands of rain small storms coming in and every once in a while. one of them starts to look really good. In fact, there is currently a torn well. There is one of these storms currently tornado warned up by the City Metro area actually West of Kansas City. And it's just just that's that's another little part that front plank Storms really have we have no real upper level support. they're just they're driven, obviously Daly as well as the via the area of low pressure. but. You get lucky sometimes you can get one of them to go here or maybe even tornado warning you get up quick spin up or so we do have a two percent tornado risk today across much of Missouri parts of Kansas, Oklahoma very low in chance. I wouldn't suspect anything, but I will call it a non-zero tornado threat. Anyways, what we're doing is we're just now we just left the House and we're just out on this. It's. Going over and just East of me. And that's the part that I'm I'm interested in right there. So, maybe we'll see some cool features, lightning or something, and I thought I'd bring you guys along just just because I posted something on my own Facebook Wall a minute ago I posted that window, I posted something on my own Facebook. you guys get a chance. if you're a friend of mine, go over there and check it out at four years ago today was a Chapman Kansas tornado and wow 90. Tornado that was unbelievable. There's the front flank of the core. It's like what I explained to you guys just the other day our core. our front flank is right here is the rain there's any hail in it. There might be a little bit, but I doubt it. Front flank is right here, so just kinda think of it as a living breathing thing and here's the front flank. It's kind of taking. it's as I explained to you guys the other day and we're just East of for those wondering but. The front flank of the downdraft is basically the storm exhaling you know, and then the up draft the inflow region would be the storm inhaling or taking a big deep breath in so to speak, I know that's kinda corny, but that's the way to that's the way to think about it. And I thought I'd just bring you guys along just because you know what the heck I thought we might be able to see something cool and let you guys look at it. Currently. I'm just I'm just I'm actually work Right exactly where I was the other day. I'm just West or East of Springfield right now. And these storms guys thanks AJ, the these storms are small guys if they, if one of them actually develops into a Super sale, it's gonna be a low top Super sale. but there's that we really don't we just don't have a heck of a lot of upper level support. We're dealing with that low and we don't have a heck of a lot of low level support now later on today and tonight, things change a little bit, but that is a good rain right there that all you see right there from right. Right over there is rain rain and then right above me. There we go. That right, there is what's left of the. Ara And then there's the downdraft right there and in front, so that'd be the front of it. So we're basically right underneath it. so it's really pretty again small little cool little storms. I think what I put in the header just East of Springfield. You can really see rain bands right there. That's pretty cool. It's very pretty. Again not much upper level support not much low level support. they're working off the area of low pressure. that's cut off. It's up to our West later on. now, we are supposed to get in through much of the area a little bit of about a 20 knot or so low level. I can't even call it a jet but a low level of punch in about you know a little later on the day. Man Oh man. we've even got a little nipple right there. Some people call that a cold air funnel it is not there is a there. It is a little bit of Shearer a little bit of spin, but it is it's not a a colder funnel. It's it's not it's not even rotating. It's just kinda kinda trying to lower right there. Nothing crazy by any means again. that's right on the cusp of the U D I area. This is how weak the storm is. it didn't even really have a flanking line. We've got another big sale right back to the South. East of this one, and then, of course, another sale due South of us and it's just of course it's gorgeous. I wanna show you guys. Blue Sky Just the contrast is beautiful. We're just gonna see what stay with this one and see what it looks like just kinda hang with it. Hope everybody's having a great Memorial Day. Four years ago today, the Chapman Kansas tornado unbelievable and today I'm filming. Junk storms cool Lightning Alright, Yeah, they gwendolyn. They have been fun to watch today no doubt and this entire zone so it's basically Eastern Oklahoma, Western Missouri, Western Arkansas through again, Eastern Kansas. That's gonna be the area that I would I would I'd be if if any additional is gonna gover, that's gonna be the area. It goes to and most particularly later on today. Bye. It's pretty very pretty Danville kell. There's a very good friend of mine Chief Meteorologist Dan killed oh from over at K T L. Hi Dan I miss you buddy. No, there's no tornadoes. Morris. No, this is just a cool little storm. We really have no no upper level support and and what I mean by that guys we we we're not dealing with any sort of a mid level or upper level Jett. We certainly and we unfortunately, we don't have any real lower level support and all this stuff is coming off of an area of low pressure. That's it's really getting cut off basically is what's gonna happen and ultimately what's gonna happen? Furthermore, we're gonna we're gonna see a ton of rain that cut-off low is gonna help really. In a lot of golf moisture, we're gonna see a lot of I believe a lot of rain. In fact, I'd be probably worried about the potential for flooding issues throughout Eastern Oklahoma parts of Southeast Kansas, Western Missouri, Southwest Missouri must particularly maybe Western Arkansas. no doubt some of these storms will train over the same area Even though this may be a small storm, you only get you know. there's a rain core right there but that thing. Dump them you know it's it's moving pretty quick but you know it could dump a quarter of an inch in an hour. No doubt see imagine that happening, five or six times and in a period of of three hours you end up with a lot of rain and I think to be honest. That's what we might end up with again. I'm I'm concerned about the flooding potential throughout this the rest of this week. No doubt about it, but cool little clouds. We're just kinda watching. Around we're right here by my House got another sale. that's trying to go up pushing our way. So again we just thought we'd go live. Share it with you guys kinda discuss what's going on just a little bit and kinda let you guys know what's what's going on and show you a little bit? It's been a little time with you so to speak. It's very very pretty let me kinda pan around here guys. The contrast I just love the contrast I'd I mean look at this beautiful contrast. Four years ago today, I was documenting the a major tornado in near Chapman, Kansas Solomon Chapman, Kansas Today I'm documenting flowers and Rain showers. I'm just East Alyssa. I'm just East of Springfield is where I'm at right now. Springfield Missouri. And again, we're just kind of we're just kinda watching this. That's all we've been doing. I took the drone up a little earlier. I've built a new data logger and GPS unit got it all coated up and ended up taking it on. It's maiden voyage so to speak with the drone earlier and It did It did well. actually, I have some fat for those that Arete Thant know what I'm talking about. We actually have some fat cap at low levels, but a hundred and 20 meters, so I was kinda impressed that that was successful and it work, but we're just watching this. Again, nothing major guys just just pretty to look at again. It is dumping quite a bit of rain and these storms will no doubt about it. I might be a little bit more worried later on this afternoon into the evening. when we do, it appears that we will get a little bit more of some low level support. In other words, we'll we'll get some low level winds a little bit. You know, maybe about 20 knots or so roughly and that may help increase that severe potential later. Tonight, we'll we'll just have to see. Of most concern is gonna be the the flooding and I mean we've just inundated the ground is inundated right now. you guys can see we we got water standing water. Still I go over here and step the ground is just completely. Yeah I'm sinking in the ground and that's we're just inundated so the biggest the biggest threat across parts of Southeast Kansas Northeast Oklahoma Western parts of Arkansas. It's it's gonna be just the flooding I. I believe because we're just inundated and we really we really don't need a lot more rain. I'll tell you that unfortunately, as I said a minute ago, I think that's exactly what's gonna happen. I think we're gonna get some more rain And I think at least I'll answer your question just a minute. I sure will I think we're gonna get some more rain, which will be of concern, but we're talking from tonight through tomorrow into this week. I think we're probably gonna see some pretty good rainfall amounts so certainly be cognizant of that. We asked me to storm chasing scare you especially when there's a tornado, No Lisa not much anymore. I'm 29 years now. I've been doing this. Crazy thing and not much anymore every once in a while I'll get in in the situation or in a pickle so to speak. it's what I refer to as a pickle where I feel a little uncomfortable and and you know I again. I mean if somebody tells you no they're not they don't ever get scared. I think they're probably fibbing to you every once in a while, but you know you try to be safe and do well you just you try to be safe and stay safe. Only aware and you're generally pretty good. You're pretty good question though Lucy Grinnell Hey, I know that name glad you're watching. I'm not there's not much going on if you guys get an opportunity as I said, Go over my Facebook page my personal page I posted up a video. I went live about four years ago today I went live on Facebook with the Chapman Kansas Tornado Big Monster EF Five tornado EF Four. I'm sorry. And it was on the ground for about 90 minutes. It's intense tornado had the tours out. It was pretty crazy so four years ago today, I was documenting a monster tornado and today I'm as I said today, I'm documenting pretty flowers. pretty and fluffy little clouds. Guys, I just thought I'd share this with you. We're gonna watch we're gonna watch these other cells. come up. see what's happening what's happening with those And then, of course, we'll watch the rest of the sales but thought I'd go live show it to you go from there. I'm gonna kill the stream. Everybody have a great day if things get crazier if we go back if I get back out, we go live again. I'll We go live or something something else happens pretty pretty structure, though, even for those I mean they're weak. They're they're not severe, but they certainly are very pretty and again. that's that's what I wanted to share with you guys. But it's beautiful as a stove pipe, those who watched my videos, they'll understand what I just said Alright, guys. We're gonna kill it. Everybody have a have a good Memorial Day. I hope everybody's doing doing well. Stay safe. Stay healthy. We'll we'll catch everybody a little bit.

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