Goalcast - Katie Holmes seemed to be living the absolute...

Goalcast • 4 months ago   1.3K     124
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Katie Holmes seemed to be living the absolute Hollywood dream being married to the biggest movie star on the planet... So what went wrong??This is her story.

Terry Mystakas
Terry Mystakas4 months ago

She married mammon; she can sleep in the bed she made.

Omar Hafeez Butt
Omar Hafeez Butt4 months ago

There is nothing to be proud of these are just regular dilemma of our world if one seek around one's friends and families they will definitely loads of people of have such experiences some dealt them well others didn't. I don't why it make Katie a great person or what makes her toughest moments great. It is all about glamour in the end.

Renata Tramontano Sierzega
Renata Tramontano Sierzega4 months ago

Funny how they do not mention Scientology.

Rhonda M Smolarek
Rhonda M Smolarek4 months ago

Because while he’s a terrific actor, his perspectives could do with some editing.

Lisa Karen Warsh
Lisa Karen Warsh4 months ago

I know Katie had no other choice but to make a very detailed exit plan. Do you know who else does that? Battered controlled women.
This man is too toxic. A great actor but I can feel the slime all over him.

Meg Shelton
Meg Shelton4 months ago

I agree with those that said the cult he belongs to is very struck and determined in what they want you to do. Money plays a huge part. One actress paid about $300,000 to be let out of the cult. Another was put in isolation for a few years. Has the freedom to roam the house, almost underground, but cannot leave it. Harassment is a form of punishment. Read Lea Remick’e book.

Brigitte Moore
Brigitte Moore4 months ago

I don't know how you go from being raised Catholic to this Scientology " "? Surely this had some effect and his control issues?

Rina Giroux
Rina Giroux4 months ago

Clearly there is much more to this .. she fired everyone around her , no one to trust .. to go to such great lengths just to leave is a red flag 🚩

Toni Dow-Somes
Toni Dow-Somes4 months ago

She should have known after what happened with Nicole and her kids 🙄
Glad she got out with her daughter though .

Kat Talley
Kat Talley4 months ago

Ahhhh. Maybe because he is in a CULT??!!