The Young Turks - Meghan McCain SCRAMBLES After Citing...

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Meghan McCain SCRAMBLES After Citing Fake Poll

Timothy Boyd
Timothy Boyd3 months ago

Her dad is rolling in his grave.

RE Cole
RE Cole4 months ago

Yeah she doesn't want to pay taxes.

RE Cole
RE Cole4 months ago

She's full of shit. Most people want this.

Don Pelfrey
Don Pelfrey4 months ago

I continue to miss Tim Russert. He would have gently destroyed her, with a smile on his face. Todd is a wimp.

Henry Ingram
Henry Ingram4 months ago

Republican Chuck Todd never asks his fellow republicans follow up questions regardless the lie they are telling at the time.

Julie Amergian
Julie Amergian4 months ago

I was appalled that Chuck Todd gave her credibility by inviting her on the show. What are her merits? Oh! She is the daughter of a famous man.

Tj Ali
Tj Ali4 months ago

U believe she's a closet racist

Myrte Numan
Myrte Numan4 months ago

Please stop giving this woman oxygen. She’s completely uninteresting.

Kim Tang
Kim Tang4 months ago

That’s why she’s not on the view anymore. They had enough of her BS.

Marilyn Morganroth
Marilyn Morganroth4 months ago

She’s pathetic n a discredit to the earth