I wish this was my high school •... - Babatunde Hip Hopera

Babatunde Hip Hopera • 4 months ago   57.1K     1.9K
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I wish this was my high school

Song- I Got 5 On It by Luniz

MissMerricka Seabrooks
MissMerricka Seabrooks4 months ago

The other school: 🗣🗣FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE‼️‼️😂😂😂😂😂

Rebecca Briggs
Rebecca Briggs4 months ago

I'm Crip walking right now!!!

Rebekah Elizabeth Eldridge
Rebekah Elizabeth Eldridge4 months ago

DeAnna Shannon u and your daughter may appreciate 😆 we used to play back that ass up way back when 💃

Mary Rubio
Mary Rubio3 months ago

That is amazing you have real talent impressive band

Marie Stanley
Marie Stanley4 months ago

I'm 100% certain the young'uns play better when it's music they love.

Quin A. Giles
Quin A. Giles4 months ago

My marching band played a ton of popular songs back in the day. Heck, our percussion section wrote the music for most of it xD I remember playing this exact song too.

It's nostalgic to get to hear another band play this. Back when it came out and we played it there weren't smartphones, so the only memory I had was my own 20 years ago memory of it. I mean, you didn't share this for me, but it's made my heart happy, so thank you 😊 <3

Demetria Salazar
Demetria Salazar4 months ago

Samuel Thomas if you were a band teacher 😁👍 kiddos be playing this 🤔

Elizabeth Brienne Freeman
Elizabeth Brienne Freeman4 months ago

I'd love to see that sheet music!!

Kim Robinson
Kim Robinson4 months ago

Mr. Hill would’ve had us running laps up and down the hill, doing wall squats, and push ups for a week after a performance like this. The song is a classic but they have zero energy and they aren’t in pocket. No half stepping was allowed when I was in band. & The Big D Marching band is known for bringing the funk for this reason 😝

David Knight
David Knight3 months ago

Yo at my age its super 🔥 to hear this and much respect