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We love our Law Enforcement Officers all around this great Country. I will never let you down!
Hey everybody. I'm Lara Trump coming to you from Studio 40 - five at Trump Tower in New York City. Law enforcement officials support Donald Trump because he places progress over politics. Every time joining me is a former law enforcement officer and the author of the new Superpower for Women. Steve Cardigan Steve Welcome in Thanks for being with us. Thank you Laura. Thank you for having me. so recently we saw that the President got to meet with some of his favorite folks sheriffs at the White House and it was quite a love fest. Steve. let's take a look at So why do police officers law enforcement officers sheriffs? Why do they love this President? so much? Well let me start by saying that what you saw on that video is real emotion that that's true compassion for someone that now believes in law enforcement has your back. We haven't had that we now have leadership in the White House that supports our law enforcement, our men and women and that's big without support without support from the top everything trickles down right. We have nothing. Yeah. and I think for a long time many folks in law enforcement, even some in our military may. Felt like they didn't have the support from the top from the President. there was a a war on cops for a long time. It still kind of is going on, but we do have a President who is trying to change that. Now there is proof that this President places progress over politics. he recently was endorsed by International Union of Police associations. that's a pretty big deal. Steve. You know that's huge and it's early and they have a hundred thousand members. Not too long ago, the FOP who has 300 something thousand members also endorsing. Yeah, that's a huge endorsement. Yeah, those are police officers that believe in him. Those are police officers that wrote in their letter to to the White House that they support him because he's gonna keep America great. He made America great yeah and keep America safe and that's where the law enforcement of this country come comes in. now policies really do matter and whenever we look at it, this President has funded more cop. Life-saving military equipment He is champion mental health and and so many other things that I think really impact the law enforcement community but it's really showing. I think that not only does he say it all the time and he he talks about the support he has for law enforcement, but he he shows it in all of his policies as well. He's gotten the job done. Yeah, what more could you want? He's built building the Wall. He stopped immigration coming over. He's attacked MS 13. And it's 13 who is destroying our country island that's close enough here. he is created policies now that make law enforcement feel like they're they're actually a part of the whole process. Yeah, I think that's really important and you know there's so many examples we see out there currently and and within the past week really Steve we saw that there was this University of Tennessee football player who is in the back of a cop car after being arrested and he was saying where I come from We shoot it cops and he had a whole tirade of disgusting things that he had to say about police officers you saw. Summer right here in New York City, several instances of people throwing water in the face of cops, throwing bottles at them food at them. we see that that even though this President has been very strong and supporting law enforcement, they really is still a war on cops that exist out there. how do you think the everyday citizen feels about that? I mean we have law enforcement in this country to protect us and and your former. Enforcement but I know you're still very much a part of it but for me I think every day when I come in I tried to say thank you and acknowledge the police officers we have here at Trump Tower cuz I know what they go through. How do you think? how do you see everyday citizens? seeing this war on cops? I trained still and I I deal with law enforcement all across the country when we see the Progressive administration's New York. Yeah Chicago look at South Bend, Indiana. Their police officers are so disgusted and. Such a lack of support that they say we're like firemen we're gonna wait for the call. We're not gonna be proactive Of course I've said that for many many years if you over police the police you over criticize him absolutely and we saw recently in Virginia there was a police officer who was suspended because he followed the law because someone that he stopped. he ran a check on them and realize that they they weren't supposed to be here. They were an illegal citizen and he called ice on them as he was supposed to do and yet. He's being reprimanded for it we see that these liberal policies are really impacting police and it's scary because what you're saying is true if if somebody is the incentivized from doing their job because they're afraid that they're gonna get fired it really puts all of us at risk. do you ever see the war on cops ending what are your thoughts? Well let me address that issue first cuz that's an important one. What happened in Virginia. You had a police officer, a police chief who's no longer cop. He's a politician right. He made that decision to punish his. For doing his job and then said well, he deviated he made an era. now now any any police chief, any sheriff that becomes a politician first and then a law enforcement administrator. Second is not not a good police officer. Yeah. Well, they're they're not protecting the the citizens of of their area. Obviously. it's funny though because we do see it in such contrast to that and these very liberal policies are President who always wants safety for for all citizens of this country and by championing the police and law enforce. He does that, he's given more funding to police all across this country. He's placing a greater emphasis on positive community policing. That's a very big deal and I think that when you go direct to the communities, that's really how you stop some of the bad stuff. The funding for law enforcement for equipment that was stopped during the Obama era during the Ferguson. I remember being and talking about that case and the the the adversary to me that was speaking said, Oh, they're. Rising the police officer I said no they they need that to stay safe so when he brought that back that was a huge benefit for law enforcement in terms of keeping them keeping them safe. Yeah. you spoke about the wellness after mental health and Wellness act. Amazing police officers have really thick skin. They're afraid to seek out help with him allowing them now especially if if it becomes you know anonymous police officers will they're like wow I I don't want to be jaded as being weak and they don't wanna feel that they're. Have their guns taken away put on the rubber gun squad because they're going through depression? That's huge for law enforcement well as we head into 2020 we see that we have already seen great endorsements for this President from law enforcement. Hopefully we see many more from all different areas in this country but Steve we appreciate everything that you've done to keep our community safe and we appreciate you being here now. It's a pleasure to be here and a pleasure to be a part. Thank you the reason why cops love President Trump. It's all about progress over politics. That's the real news for today. I'm Lara Trump from Studio 40 -, five at Trump Tower in New York City. Thanks for joining

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