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DEADLY SHOOTING: Right now, Tucson Police busy looking for answers in the city’s latest shooting.

We are live at the scene with more from...
I just prayed he doesn't need for he's going he doesn't script Hey guys, I I'm putting my broker more Okay We are learning from authorities that is deadly we're gonna. Check in with Kevin in the area of 20 Ninth Street at Irving Avenue West of Columbus Boulevard Active scene out there please originally called out around one this morning Our team is the first one out there. Kevin was on. It is getting information and we're gonna. Check in with him in just moments to see what he is able to find out. That's new okay I like it. No more in the House Funny you should ask slug. It closed bar Get it instead of open bar bye Yeah left. Sometimes I have to explain my jokes S 15 seconds Good morning, everyone guys behind okay S Right now at 60 'clock, a story you need to hear local health leaders busy this morning, retracing the steps of a person who may have been in Tucson with measles that includes concerns at two sons international airport this morning. We've got the latest on the investigation and the symptoms you need to be looking out for and a couple accused of murdering a 73 year old woman. Now behind bars. Officials say the two weren't anywhere near where they thought they would be but first late breaking news detectives with Tucson Police are investigating a deadly shooting right now. Yeah we're told this happened early this morning near 20 Ninth Street in Albert on way killed institutions Compton reporter Kevin Andrew, the first reporter at the scene he's been there through the night any word yet from Yet we just really received some information keeps other nice stuff And best of all these other here after one shooting at 20 Crime Scene All City Best best Car without Taken away by As it is driving by us sold one full The driver's side Blood 13 Thank you for taking a life look outside here. The stock is off on another beautiful day here across Southern Arizona. So let's take a look outside your sunrise progress Absolutely gorgeous forge there in Phoenix Tucson Looking great Miranda a beautiful glow over at Mount Big Love and perfect shot Sun Take a look at the radar and satellite not a lot happening right now. But as we take a wider look at picture, you can see those clouds down to the South Those are going to be building in throughout the day, leaving us with mostly cloudy skies by the time many I'm getting some work All right, Stephanie thanks very much 602 and as you head to work and school this morning, no problems to tell you about on I 10 or 19. Very quiet start to the day Little bit of traffic attended 20 second, but everything is flowing just fine and in downtown Tucson little little bit of slowing between Oracle and stone. It looks like so watch out for that. But everything else is moving just fine It is 603 now and happening now local health leaders out with a warning about potential measles exposure here in Tucson. Yeah, this is something everybody needs to hear. They say travelers may have come in contact with the highly contagious virus at the Tucson National airport officials tell us they know this person came from New York and was here in Tucson between April seventeenth and the 20 ninth they flew out of town on Monday. The 20 ninth and we're inside T between Six AM and 10:40 AM health official say They're working to figure out other places. This person went while they were visiting here The deputy director for the Pima County Health Department says people who have not been vaccinated should keep close. Watch out for any change of symptoms and f c यानी khabri doctor One starts S And let me see like I let water and then the last is what we see is a black meals can be prevented with the vaccine which prevents against measles mumps and rue Bella. As you know as soon as health officials. Let us know where this person visited here in Tucson we will send out an alert on our Mobile app so make sure you get that are kale Mobile app Now. This is the second measles related incident in Arizona this year In March, a one year old in Pima County was diagnosed with the virus No other cases have been Voted in the state across the nation. The outbreak has grown to more than 700 cases. 604 now the basketball bribery scandal and this hour we're learning about reported phone calls between sports agent Christian Dawkins at head coach Sean Miller is former assistant coach until those calls go into detail about Miller making payments to former Wildcats star Deandre Aiden book. Richardson claims to payments for $10000 a month You'll. Remember he took a plea deal earlier this year Now this one if you don't receive Arizona's statement part of it, says quote We will continue You cooperate fully with the double a and other ongoing investigations into this matter in the best interest of the University and the men's basketball program and quote you have more of that statement online. We'll Update you with the latest through the day on air and again on the News 13 Mobile app now to the News 13 Crime team today, the trial continues for the mother accused of killing her own child in Tucson The prosecution rested its case against recall various after two weeks of testimony The defense asked the judge to acquit her because of lack of evidence but that motion was Night for us did not testify Closing arguments are expected to start tomorrow morning A couple accused of murder is waking up behind bars this morning right now They're being held on a one million dollar bond each 41 year old Shane Martin and 29 year old Marietta cuter appeared before a judge last night Police arrested them after spending nearly a week looking for them They thought the two were actually headed to Arkansas but they found them along Benson Highway Both are accused of 73 year old Julia Rankin Martin's mother Her body was found inside a home on Dorsey Avenue last Friday 606 this morning we're learning a good year teacher accused of having sex with a 13 year old student could take a plea deal We are waiting to learn the details of that deal Britney, some Mora has until June twelfth to accept it Remember she was arrested back in March last year Investigators say a parent found text messages between some more end the boy suggesting they had sex on and off campus Also this morning. A Glendale mom accepting a plea deal for her investigators say she posted a video of herself and another band of another woman rather vandalizing a mosque in Tempe where her kids watched The video shows a woman using hate speech while taking down Flyers Court documents show. The 33 year old. Tony Gonzales will write an apology letter to the mosque and complete community service The other woman in the video sentence in November she's under supervised probation this morning and needs to complete 200 hours of community service Happening now an elected her to live to Capitol Hill before House Judiciary Committee is just getting under way. This is where Attorney General William Park was supposed to be testifying about special counsels investigation however far refused to do so on a lot We're just starting opening statements a client looking into to determine drug number from Thanks Prevent I hope every member of this Committee and the public in a life and understand the consequences of the executive branch tells us that they will be more local That kind of alright we're gonna hop on this listening to making his opening statements about the adjusted refused to hand over the person of a special Council report So we'll see what happens today, we could see a possibility for tenth. We could also see the possibility of mores of peanuts and a lot of question about it, and when Special counsel Robert Mueller testify saying he wants that to happen by May fifteenth when he wasn't in on any developments as alright I'm helicopter summer. Just around the corner. Now and this morning, we are learning about an increased risk of wildfires along our state highways The Arizona Department of Transportation says drivers are the biggest reason why fire start ahead at 630 killed News 13 's Vicky Cars Live explaining how drivers are to blame for many of these fires and folks can do to help prevent a wildfire. Unfortunately something we really need to pay attention to hear Stephanie especially this time of year good morning Wildfires S Forecast You also get your musician 57 S Throughout the day and more to eight degrees for your action behind All right, thank you very much. Stephanie. It is 610 still had a program in Tucson, working to get kids with special needs into the job market. As Interns got a look at the program and the impact It's having already on students. Plus, we are getting an update on the Black Bear cubs rescued by a state trooper earlier this week. Those little cute things worse we'll tell you how they're doing and in the recovery at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center and we are on Facebook Live for you this morning. Good Morning Donna and Ollie and Hope We'd love to have you on as well we'll be there until just about 70 'clock this S I mean if he was right Like how else, what else can you mean No partial? What would marshal Oh hi I don't understand like a real one? Yeah yeah It's, like when you go to the dentist to get a partial See Gladden said something because It's, not a never assume probably not We have to go for a walk don't That means you get to game time out S What do we already got it How long until so I mean, I don't think holding it until then is kind of long, but I I get it because It's at the top of the half hour. But I think like That's, the minimum of me now. You're right words to live by Andrew That's What keeps our relationship healthy here on the anchor desk Wendy You're, right Also medication lots of Medicare Yes HI Drive Andrew to needing medication will be back in San Francisco S S Okay The program at Tuesday that started in January students who are 18 to 22 and build skills and triumph careers to see one thing might be interested in but also gives them a chance to warm side by with professor Let's do this retain very high school guy Safe while meeting with the students poor things to bring a hike that clips saved lives students different techniques part of a rescue I think if anything Such as S Last year we do it for more information on how you can volunteer just The body 30 seconds We're told the first time the Center has taken black haircuts few months of rehab I hope is to get them back into the And skiers and snowboarders the season isn't over quite yet at the Arizona snow country, say they stay open until at least teeth is because of some recent winter weather makes this longest running season and the resort history taking a line cost all terrorism around cameras that we have No still love sorry hello again So boring what did she say Stephanie she said It's a snowball snowball I don't I think that that was coming back for that Yeah Degrees so just hours Every Friday Saturday and Sunday, Big 90 S this weekend seeing those temperatures fall down and That's all because of our pattern. I was getting into or the weekend high pressure building in we're on the outskirts of it next week. We'll see this low pressure system to move in taking apart cooling our temperatures then another system pushing it pushes in the Middle of next week That's gonna be giving over surgeries and that cooler air in making conditions and maybe a chance of rain with breezy conditions start up Sunday Monday. They pick up and they stay pretty strong through Wednesday Sunday forecast temperatures this weekend 90 S slide down into the upper seventies by Wednesday Wednesday The next time you buy a used car, make sure to double, and even triple check that odometer there's a growing number of vehicles hitting the road with fraudulent mileage Financial loss that occurred by unknown News 13 Live at 10 We are going undercover to expose a potentially dangerous problem on Southern Arizona roads How to spot it and what to do about it Katie investigates digital roll back tonight at 10 and it is 619 still ahead for you on a Thursday and look at a car seat safety class getting ready to start here in Tucson Hope is every car seat of this city's installed correctly to where you need to go to make sure next Plus Sam Maricopa County sheriff's deputies are in big trouble this morning What they did that got rejected from Chase Field Back you do the walk and scroll you're like No Always S S Alright Less You Okay, Vanessa Okay Vanessa. Yes, let's go over some of these details. Kevin is getting brand new information right now He is just talking with officials, but let's see so this we know that there is this is all. According to police You know there is a deadly shooting at 20 Ninth Street at Irving Avenue West of Columbus Boulevard We know the person killed is a man that some of the new information that Kevin got during his update At the top of the hour at six he also gave us new information that there was a bullet hole he saw on the driver's side I believe he said the driver's side door of the White car Remember we were telling you that a lot of the investigation seems to be focused around a White car at the scene So police got there just after 10 'clock this morning and a call of a shooting And I think that, they told that White car as well, they told the car so So I'm interested to find out what else Kevin is learning he's, always great about getting their first getting information first and always getting new information each time we see him so So we'll see what they're what they're telling him now What is that I don't know but it's pointless whatever It sounds Inappropriate Oh, You're welcome Vanessa and then We'll have given another eight minutes and we'll. Get you new information S That's It huh Oh I need to S like trips me up this new Facebook look slows me down Yeah, Vanessa we will We will keep you updated Today, the Pima County Sheriff's Department is hosting a child seat safety class. Certified Safety Tech will provide you with a car seat. That's the right one for your child they'll, then help you install it Registration for this is required if you like more information, contact the Cs DS Community Resources Unit We are hearing I believe today's class may be full and there might also be a waiting list for the next one That's in June. But Don't let that stop you from reaching out reach out and see if they might have a spot for you Pima County and City Health Care teaming up to offer eight hundred free swimming lessons for kids The lessons will teach Children about proper swimming techniques and how to be safe in and around the water registration for the classes begins Tuesday. May fourteenth. We have more information on this as well. How you can register your child and the locations these free lessons will be available at account Dot com You have a softball team back on the mound tomorrow they are taking on the Washington Huskies lots of attention on this since it is a top 10 showdown Tomorrow is also senior night at Hilton Brand the Huskies in the Wildcats Square off at five tomorrow All smiles this morning for the air The Diamondbacks, they are coming off a big win against the New York Yankees They won three to two now they're headed to Colorado to take on the Rockies tomorrow night The team currently sits in second place in the West, just behind the Dodgers not all fun and games at the Diamondback Yankees game. Though we are learning Maricopa County sheriff's, deputies got in a little bit of trouble for getting autographs from the New York Yankees while providing security at Chase Field the deputies were in the Yankees clubhouse we're told doing a routine Security sweep when they ask for these autographs the Sheriff's office says the autographs were recovered and will be returned to the Yankees The deputies will no longer be working at the Stadium It is 625 much more news ahead for you in our next half hour, including crews all on the front lines gearing up for fire season and they need your help to make sure any fires Don't spread Kelly News Routines Vicky Car live with what you can do to play your part We have new information about that story is coming up in the lavender. I'm wondering several breaking developments plus taking a look at your roads to see if there are any questions and a little bit of a roller coaster ride here as we head throughout the next week, as far as our temperatures go all the details in your full forecast coming up There's, no idea words herself S Alright so we're gonna. Check in with Kevin has got more information on that shooting Midtown we're also going to hear it after this Ricky about Fiber dead and Costa Kevin perfect one through five Yes got it 4546 and 47, now it's up to 45 67 and 41 37 to 41 Step bar story she's taking her 4567 eight S Did you get the dessert Wouldn't? It? Yes I thought it was ice cream Oh I was gonna guess doughnut but then it said something about what yeah, I just feel that It's the name of what you call us for its team That's not doing well or something like that. But I don't know why you would do that to it a lovely dessert Why you would have a negative connotation like that. Yeah, I don't know I don't know what it is okay I don't know what a desert It's a bad name S Put Kevin you got Bake Shop Baby Big Right now to midtown at 20 ninth in Alberta in a one person is dead, Kevin is there we're gonna. Check in with him He's actually got some new information we will check in with him in a second S Continuing to follow late, breaking news for you this morning, brand new details just coming in as Tucson Police investigate a deadly shooting We are told this happened earlier this morning near 20 ninth in Alvarado killed the teens. Crime Team reporter Kevin Adger the first reporter at the scene and you have brand new information Kevin. What can you tell us information was killed in the shooting here sold accuracy You can see some police officers here they focus their attention. A lot of car that was on the Wall Screen but now the privacy best gives in regular detectives are going around this apartment complex here in midtown and we're told by some called out here, just after one this morning and they've been out here since then some of these are also asking folks. If you have any information about this case saw something any reason call 13 all right. Kevin thank you we'll check in with you a little bit later happening now. Wildlife crews are working to prepare for fire season and that means they're staffing up and their training up and now they're asking you to do your part to prevent wildfires. They say It's particularly dangerous now is summer creeps closer Kelly Entertains Vicky Car is live from Miracle Mile and I 10 What do drivers need to know this morning? Vicky Miss Robin Happy Birthday S So the new information that Kevin was saying so disconnected focusing around the apartment complex where they were really focusing around that car were telling him out Really, big problem Oh S Okay people say Great What's the word down The car and watch very apart from the bottom of your car Only I guess we're live on television Fire Reserves Looking past This morning as wildfire season ramps up we're getting a closer look at how folks to our West in California are getting ready It comes after those devastating fires last year In just a few minutes killed entertains Mario has a look at the high tech cameras aimed at helping firefighters do their job Now we want to get your first alert weather things feeling pretty spring like here in Southern Arizona and the good news is there are actually temperatures on this seven day forecast that Andrew approves up which is very rare, especially in May when a check in with meteorologist Stephanie Walter Good morning folks and you know as they plan for today Hey good morning Guys Light jacket before you head out this afternoon, won't be meeting so let's. Take a look outside beautiful start to the day Northwest seeing clear skies So I need to I need this now Little bit today hi right Now reason 251 here at this game we're gonna. Be warming meeting degrees for your high so right around average we have hotter temperatures on the way and we look for the ones who details on 15 happening today, the rabbi heard in the deadly synagogue shooting in San Diego will meet with President Trump We're told he was invited to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC One woman died protecting him from the gunman three others, including that rabbi were hurt here at home. The horrible tragedy is bringing the Tucson community together Andrew is learning more about last night solidarity event And Andrew Can you tell us about it Lots of folks two sons in their filing in California after that deadly attack rabbi who says he is still a big issue across this country in southern Arizona he says the doors here will say open to everyone spike You will not allow any push back down only stuff We are committed to continuing to grow and thrive in this wonderful country Some security changes to make sure people in Douglas, the recall of the mayor will not be on the City's ballot come August A judge made that decision because of what he calls a lack of proper paperwork processing He made the announcement after an hours long hearing and coaches County Superior Court He says the petition for a recall election against Douglas Mayor Robert We Bay failed to comply with state law he says That's because It's The document was not attached to each page of the eight hundred signatures filed the woman who led the petition to recall the mayor, says she, Doesn't have plans to do it again S S Mary Rebate is accused of miss managing money and not being transparent The mayor says he has no plans of stepping down The reason why the President R Mayor rebate says he's ready to get back to work two capital action this morning. The state has just approved a Senate bill that would let small businesses get together to create a new insurance plans Republican supporters say it will lower costs but Democratic opposing the bill say the plans won't cover essential services and will end up costing more for older workers and women The new plans are allowed under the Trump Administration rules that bypass parts of the Affordable Care Act to Action action Now on a Thursday, the White House looking for more than four billion dollars in emergency border money leader say that money is dedicated to the quote dire situation along the border we're told more than three billion dollars will go toward humanitarian assistance the other one and a half billion for border operations This one the Trump administration says none of the money will be for the border Wall Also this morning. Pentagon leaders wanted to how much longer troops will be at the border right now if they're about 3000 active duty troops along with 2000 National Guard at the border to a little more than 300 active duty troops will also be there soon now. The acting defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan says the deployments haven't heard troop readiness but he wants to see the military get back to its primary mission last month. Remember, the Pentagon said those border deployments could cost 500 million dollars through the end of September Happening now live look at Capitol Hill This is where House Democrats are press conference The House this year Justin George William Bar did not show up to support and many refused to question by congressional lawyers So there were some opening statements read by the chairman. But also the ranking Republican member and right now there's a lot of question about holding the Attorney General in contempt of Congress. The journey Doesn't do that they want to continue negotiations and of course, Republicans racing member putting the blame on the Democrats, saying The man was what had to be attorney general from showing us a lot of back and forth right now on In this situation, I'm looking for reaction and developments on Angelica. Thank you also see is that back and forth continues. The Attorney General and a team of investigators are reviewing that dossier with unverified information about President Trump. While he ran for President in 2016 the dossier includes memos written by former spy Christopher Steel You remember the late Arizona Senator John Mccain got that dossier from someone who traveled to London to meet with steel and Mccain turned it over then to the in campaign 2020. Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado is throwing his hat into the political arena. The Democrat made his announcement on Cbs this morning that he is in the running for President He is now among the And 20 Democrats seeking parties presidential nomination Bennett is a former head of the Denver School District. He is known for being policy oriented Your time is 638. Next high. Tech cameras are being placed around California to keep watch out for wildfires killing News 13 's Lydia Camarillo is looking at how the tech could help fire crews do their jobs and you trouble deciding between case or guacamole for your nachos. Who doesn't. Why not have both We'll explain we're on Facebook Live here. Thursday morning stop by and Say Hello Hello to Anne to Robin L John Misty Robin's Birthday Today. Robin's Birthday today Happy Birthday teacher back She really Stephen Exciting hope you have a great day have a nice day John S S 561720 eight Right Whatever you say but we do get to chat with you on commercial breaks and help to answer some of your questions. So I think That's kind of a benefit of this but you know It's, not everybody's Cup of tea. Everybody has their own their own way of getting their news So we try to come get in there every every which way we can catch a few isn't your Cup of tea. I like to know what kind of tea you drink because I'm always looking for new types of if you just made this This wasn't the Cup of tea this is now officially not a bad joke Your cousin's birthday cinco de mayo Happy birthday to her Are you going out to celebrate Love to actually so spell it Oh yeah, so I actually have a graphic for swing ready to that Got it sounds great Yeah, yeah, and just whip them into a verbal frenzy. That sure did Yeah it's my Middle name as your disappointed capacity S Landry New details this morning, Reid Park Zoo just unveiled its improvement plans for both visitors and for animals Phase one of a three part 1010 year 80 million dollar expansion plan is set to begin this year Animals will get bigger enclosures and they will have more interaction Visitors will get an updated entrance with more seats and trees for shade Zoo leaders say they are ready for these changes Allows us to be able to people interested help flat light places The money for these improvements was approved by Tucson voters. Two years ago Park Zoo wants to know what you think of their master plan. Just go to dot com look for the story and then click on the link you see there below this morning as temperatures heat up the Pima Animal Care Center is urging you to make sure you don't forget about your pets. Keep them safe each year Pack response to hundreds of calls for animals with heat related problems There are a couple of easy things you can do to keep your pets safe when in doubt keep them inside if they have to be outside Make sure you keep them hydrated and make sure they have a cool place to be in the shade if you're taking them for a walk, protect their paws If the ground is too hot for you to touch it is too hot for them and never leave them inside of a car where temperatures can turn deadly in just a matter of minutes new this morning. New numbers out show we are spending more on our pets than ever before. Check it out. The American Pet Products Association shows sales in 2018 top 72 billion dollars That's, up three percent from 2017 the majority of the money was spent on food then comes vet care supplies and over the counter medication the PD says Folks are spending so much because we treat our animals like family Another reason more people have pets than ever before. I think of all of that money. Tinkerbell must take a huge dead Yeah, it all been such expensive dog followed by Barkley and Bella Oh my goodness. I know they always say the cheap part is is getting the dog Yeah Expensive part is all I am and even that can be expensive yes, depending on the dog. But luckily we love them We do say our family members. Yeah to a point We need to keep them safe out there in the heat Just why did you not point to a point Andrew It's okay see that I gotta block him out like That's. Why I have my fee in this year It's all attacked alright speaking of the hot cars and pets. It's always a huge issue here. All across Southern Arizona let's take a look at our next five Yeah, it's, all coming to me I love a little bias here I would show you but you know how difficult. It is to keep the shot just trust us she's here she's next to us and is here in a minute you're watching you're watching or basically The next several So That's, how you guys come up with a word of the day The world's most likes birthday too. That's excited We also have a party on your birthday And keeping those winds keeping them on the grass, it's good idea and we work outside right now Beautiful weather clear skies temper down itself as we take a look at your radar All of these clouds from those What is that road along with 19 it, Doesn't It's, not labeled amazing weekend Work around Alright Stephanie Thank you 647 a couple of things I wanna bring your attention to on the roads as you head to work. There is a little bit of slowing of 19. You see that orange and that yellow there it continues on the mission Road off in 19. So plan for that Also I 10 in Miracle Miles traffic with you Everything seems to be moving okay. There is just a little more traffic than we normally see this time of morning. So watch out for that as you head out here on a Thursday new this morning Summer just around the corner now and temperatures really heating up the concern over wild fires is beginning as we told you cruise here at home already talking with folks about staying safe But also in Southern California firefighters are using some high tech cameras want to bring in kaley camera she's looking into this this morning and they're being assaulted in places that could see some pretty bad fires this year Yes, the small cameras are part of a growing electronic network of eyes that are scanning for smoke A California utilities company has mounted 100 cameras so far And have another 60 on the way together, they're set to monitor hundreds of miles throughout the state The idea to give firefighters an edge to spot disasters more quickly for last Year's, horrific and deadly season All the cameras are monitored and a 24 seven emergency operations Center along with the fire agencies. The public can also watch the feeds online to stay away from those trouble spots interesting stuff here is there anything else Cruz can do to help firefighters well besides that eight hundred weather sensors that are going in eight hundred weather Center actually going until monitor changing weather So on top of those cameras, those eight hundred sensors are going in to monitor back Yeah alright well Thank you so much for that information Staying in news out of California starting today fans can try to book a trip to a Galaxy far far away Disneyland Resort in California will start taking reservations for its new Star Wars Land theme Park today we're told the reservations will be available starting at eight o 'clock this morning So what another hour and 10 minutes huh well. The widely anticipated theme Park opens its doors may 30 First reservations will be required only if you plan to visit before June 20 This morning, Burger King taking a jab at Mcdonald's with their new not so happy meal they're called Real meals and don't Come with a toy It's, an adult sized Wiper combo meal. And you can order based on how you're feeling the salty meal the Blue Meal Even though D F Meal I don't know what that means the meals the meals are in collaboration with the nonprofit Mental Health America so part of Mental Health Month Very interesting way to order your food before I saw the G a meal. I first thought well, the salty meal would be Andrew right now. I'm I'm Confused you Can't Pick One 650, just in time for Cinco de mayo this weekend a new type of case. So if You're stuck between She's in guacamole so get ready for this, it is called guacamole cheese very appropriate. I guess Ben Cheese Company is offering this for the first time. It is a good a style cheese made with all of the familiar walk flavors that includes avocado, lime juice, chili tomato onion and garlic No word. If any spots in Arizona will be selling it But if you do find it and wanna try it you should know It's gonna cost you a one pound wedge of the stuff is about 25 Box I do should I even ask if either of these two would like to try it because I kinda feel like there's. Always like to try really okay for staff cheese I mean who's okay. She's, second off guacamole is hit or miss for me but I am curious one thing I am worried about though, is that it said it had walked Molly flavors so like is it fake avocado or avocado Maybe I'm overthinking. This is definitely a fake wedge of Green cheese. So I don't know if my standards can be that high interesting wood pay $25. Try Whoa Two quick word for me 651 here called News 13 Oh I I open my mouth and nothing came out because there are no words for that our producer just said I, Don't even have words for that right here now Yes they have the best waffle It's too, far of a drive. It's all the way down there There's, two months there's only one and there's places here on Tuesday, you don't have to drive all the way to Guadalajara Stop did not get He thinks he's funny Yeah, I know happy meals at a toy what's up with that Yeah, That's, not happy life boxes, sticker flavors, or like are they just different colors It's. A good question Are you not the professional dislike you Don't That's Burger King. I, Don't know first discussing better I feel like you need to get paid from Mcdonald Sandra I would love to Do you think you would own a Mcdonald's No I did it for seven years, and I worked at 1147 so much stuff goes into it. It's. Just yeah no well What about June jobs there Not a drop not owning it So you wouldn't have been no cuz. I've done that. I've been there done that and got the T shirt great greasy I just wanna be the person that makes surprise, so I can choose how much or how little salt There's a way you have to do an arch on the facts so you can't. Choose how much Me you were there, so do you make awesome fries at home or not? Really because I really Didn't get special skills No Yeah, Carrie Andrew Crafts himself Be sure does Yes, Alex is sprint time We have an update on the Irving and 20 ninth shooting. Well, We'll. See if we're checking in with Kevin We'll, see petty Any information that is new It's like amazing they like handed to you eat one and It's delicious and then they're cool 20 seconds That was good Hey Sure do whisper I agree with I have heard That's a lot to do there. Maria Hey. Do they not want me in this block Why what's wrong I am either they, Didn't do anymore there saying because I am back with the and I will say that the issue That's fine morning spread. We have new information about a deadly shooting in Tucson that happened here at 20 ninth in Columbus One part of the complex but we validated over here on the other side right here on 20 Ninth Street asking for immigration e midtown Kevin Kevin thank you 655 and right this minute. State health leaders trying to retrace the steps of a person who is in Tucson with measles learning travelers may have come into contact with that person at the Tucson Airport until the person came from New York and wasn't Tucson between April seventeenth to the 20 ninth If you haven't been vaccinated, keep an eye out for the symptoms we have a list of those right now with Dot com Today building from Day 18 degrees 90 such after your Friday for the weekend starts to take off and then 655 and the certain crime team back in a Tucson courtroom as the trial continues today for Raquel Barras Closing arguments could start tomorrow Paris, as We've told you is accused of starving her three year old son to death Investigators say in 2014 they discovered her son's body at home. The family used to rent ready using the lines that Starbucks issuing a recall just receive this push alert from a panel in Mobile app right now. More than 250000 of these boat breakfasts are being recalled because pieces could break off and they could cut you at least nine reports so far of people getting hurt with this. If you have one don't use it, you can also return it. We have more information online alright Alright well, I guess the good news is 88 degrees today. I think it got the highlights of the news today 79 by next month. So it's better than even so, no triple digits No triple digits yet wrong way. How about going this for doing this That is your morning sprint? Thank you for being here. We'll. See you right back here tomorrow morning Starting at 430 Have a great day Welcome to the show Yeah, I know right that was good I'm, not gonna. Make it seven. Please tell me you can hear huh Oh alright let's gonna, do it for us today Oh hold it get out of here. So I can make and wonderful day tagged. Evanston had den a while and We'll see you tomorrow It was nice that it probably should have got a little longer bye

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