Smosh - To celebrate our very own Shayne Topp, we're...

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To celebrate our very own Shayne Topp, we're recreating some of his best bits!

Chelsea Kait
Chelsea Kait4 months ago

This is gold 😂😂 Happy Birthday Shane!!

Joel Jones
Joel Jones4 months ago

No pizza place?? No weary traveler??

Jonas Lindstrand
Jonas Lindstrand4 months ago

This is the ultimate Try not to laugh ! Love the meta! Can't wait til Damien's birthday !

Chris LaBenne
Chris LaBenne4 months ago

Happy 14th birthday Shayne

Nicholas Winistorfer
Nicholas Winistorfer4 months ago

I was hoping for Courtney Freakin' Miller. Either way, it made my day much better! XD happy birthday!

Alysha Pittman
Alysha Pittman4 months ago

Krysten Stark 😂

Cameron Herrera
Cameron Herrera4 months ago

They should have done the bit where Shayne was marching while on his tippy toes but this is great too 🤣

JJ Let
JJ Let4 months ago

Arden Heath

Karmella Durant
Karmella Durant4 months ago

I love this. Most of the time try not to laugh challenges aren't funny one bit but this was hilarious