Autonomous aircraft takes off

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San Francisco-based aviation start-up Xwing says it has successfully used its advanced autopilot system in test flights to take off, fly and land a...

Posted 1 year ago in Vehicles & Transportation

Masba Uddin Rumi 1 year ago

New area of the aviation industry...Autonomous is always welcome but needs at least one skill pilot always present there..because if there any problem occurred,they can easily control it manually...

James O'Brien 1 year ago

Until it can land in crazy weather and when there is an electrical or engine failure, is not fit for purpose

Markus Csak 1 year ago

Not a boost for my confidence in flying. I prefer to have a human in place when something goes wrong, I'd say the odds of failure are 50\50 with a human, with a computer. not so 50\50. I hope AOL is not the dialup they choose to use.

Keith Schopp 1 year ago

I don't know how many of you have had technology fail or a computer crash but I won't be getting in it !

Adrian Crowe 1 year ago

Most crashes are human error. So interesting to see where the balance will be

Michael Lickteig 1 year ago

Isn’t this called a drone and been flying the not so friendly skies for the better part of 2 decades now?

Rudi Gocer 1 year ago

US Airways’ Hudson River landing is a great example that you need humans not machines to make critical decisions in case of emergencies.

Larry Keinfeld 1 year ago

the future of flying - no pilot no passangers

William J Shaffer 1 year ago

great very useful and hard to sue for pilot error

Art Duncan 1 year ago

Haven’t model airplane enthusiasts been doing that for years?