7NEWS Adelaide - EXCLUSIVE: A pair of wandering camels...

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EXCLUSIVE: A pair of wandering camels caused mayhem on the vital freight route between Adelaide and Perth in the state’s Far West.

The animals were hit by a road train, causing it to jackknife, blocking the busy outback highway for hours.

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Brian Evans
Brian Evans4 months ago

Wow what an amazing video on how transport policy in Australia is a failure. pollution, dangerous truck lengths and lack of policy for integrated rail and road use is making our roads less safe and adding to climate change. Australia and South Australia is 50 years behind the rest of the world in transport policy. Typical Australia it was the camels fault.

Glenn Sloan
Glenn Sloan4 months ago

You tell me it took that long to pull a couple of trucks out of the way,,glad I am not paying you

Peter Adams
Peter Adams4 months ago

Well trained drivers ?
Normally would stop for large animals instead of trying to drive through them
Sad they held there own fellow drivers up
Bet they were all ecstatic with the delay

Ashley Coomber
Ashley Coomber4 months ago

Don't worry about the camels worry about all the Volvo two up teams coming for you on the other side of the road.

Rory Patrick Breaker
Rory Patrick Breaker4 months ago

Get a real truck

Leah Bramha
Leah Bramha4 months ago

Don’t cull, catch and sell

Leah Bramha
Leah Bramha4 months ago

All truck drivers say camels are the worst. Stupid things should of moved

Diane Mckell
Diane Mckell4 months ago

The poor camels 😢😢

Sloane Abraham
Sloane Abraham4 months ago

Rob Butvila we didn't see any camels when we were there 😭