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Now that Toby has his freedom back, he is searching for his forever home!

"Watch out Los Angeles! The beast is loose!!! This is Toby’s first walk with his new Walkin' Wheels (please forgive my gleeful cackling 🤣). Big thanks to Brian Two Hands Four Paws for giving Toby his freedom back way sooner than any of us expected. And huge congratulations to Toby!

He took to it like he’s been rollin’ his whole life! Grass was smelled, dogs were barked at, life is good :) and guess what: HE WAGGED HIS TAIL even though he’s supposedly paralyzed there! I have a hunch Toby has some surprises for all of us :) Now that Toby’s got his wheels, he’s looking for his ride-or-die family! Please reach out to: [email protected] if interested!" @animalarmyla

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Carol Sass
Carol Sass4 months ago

Go Toby looking good

Røbert J Walker
Røbert J Walker4 months ago

He's just too darn cute and look at him go.
Post shared for this adorable fella

Loren Webber
Loren Webber4 months ago

Prayers for a forever home❤

Frances Freeman
Frances Freeman4 months ago

Look at him go!

Elisa Morse
Elisa Morse4 months ago

Toby's feeling the love from everyone! Thank you to Walkin' Pets for giving Toby his life back and being in his corner and for all you for cheering him on! We're so grateful to you all <3 - Toby's foster family

Monika Heidrich
Monika Heidrich4 months ago

Mall-Ann Tzoumas
Mall-Ann Tzoumas4 months ago

Nancy Jean Schmitt
Nancy Jean Schmitt4 months ago

So so cute 😍 Prayers for a loving home

Diane Dezenzo
Diane Dezenzo4 months ago

Joan Deglandon
Joan Deglandon4 months ago

Kaitlyn Deglandon , we need to get Milo one