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It’s President Trump’s big night at the RNC- What are #TheFive ‘s predictions for the night? 🌟 WATCH

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Robin Renee Edwards 1 year ago

We all know that Biden won't debate....said it from day one...He can't answer questions . He gets angry too easily. He doesn't have the mental capacity. Now Pelosi is already trying to get him out of it...big shock...she knows he can't do it and see Biden will NOT debate

Gretchen Keskeys 1 year ago

I find their (Biden/Harris) criticism of President Trump’s handling of the pandemic in the beginning just the ultimate in hypocrisy. Their motto: “A mask today keeps us in play.”

Carol Howard 1 year ago

Don't know where else to post this but Chris Wallace can go away along with Juan Williams and the like!! Wallace's remarks after that FANTASTIC speech and fireworks display were ridiculous!! Ho work for CNN and your other cronies Chris! Will never watch you again!👎😡

Eileen Piehler 1 year ago

I can’t watch Juan any longer and now I’ve noticed the others are biting their tongues not to lay into him as much for his exaggerating and untruthful comments. Everything is bash Trump and how dishonest and lying he is but I’ve yet to hear one truthful example from Juan

Mary Stacey-Richards 1 year ago

The best thing about Jaun? He raised Republicans! Even they could see the error of his ways.

Mamie Johnson 1 year ago

what I can't understand you cannot take and have a hundred and fifty guests yet you can go to a shelter and don't get me wrong don't get me wrong I'm glad that this was donated to a shelter but if you can feed a hundred people at a shelter why can't you have a wedding reception is there something wrong with celebrating.

Ron Reid 1 year ago

Don't watch. Quit years ago. Juan was and still is the problem

Elsha Noble 1 year ago

I could not give a care what Juan Williams has to say. Get rid of him!

JoAnn Pulliam 1 year ago

Why is Juan so angry and miserable?? He is so full of hate ! He needs to be fact checked !!

Karen Marsh 1 year ago

A good show apart from the producers never telling Juan to stop talking over his co-workers.