Exclusive: When will Parliament function normally? When will debate on Pegasus begin?

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Exclusive: When will Parliament function normally? When will debate on Pegasus begin?

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Posted 4 months ago in Politics

Harinder Kaur 4 months ago

Opposition is right,stop gundaraj which says it owns ur country

Nylam Son 4 months ago

Dear Assamese friends,please stop sacrificing a precious life for those illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. If you give a room for them in your state,after a few years later,50% of Assam will be occupied by them. The politicians were trying to seek a place for them..because they knew those will be turning into their vote banks.. wake-up ASSSAM!

Mohana Sakr 4 months ago

PRIME MINISTER MODI'S STATEMENT WAS CORRECT when he said that the 'Congress does not allow Parliament to function'. This applies also to the CONGRESS-LED, CONGRESS-APING OPPOSITION.

Gaurav Gogoi of the Congress on 27 July, '21 condemned the clashes on the Assam-Mizoram border and gave an adjournment notice in the Lok Sabha over this issue. Parliament has clearly defined rules and procedures for both raising and discussing/ debating various issues which rules and procedures vary as per the nature, duration, etc. of a discussion/debate and there is ample opportunity in our Parliament for discussing any issue of national interest. In the present session the government has clearly expressed its willingness to discuss/ debate the farm bill, the Pegasus issue, now the Assam-Mizoram border issue or any other issue that members of Parliament wish to raise. But instead of following the rules and procedures of both the Houses of Parliament for raising and conducting discussions/ debates, etc. the Congress CAN THINK OF NOTHING BUT FORCING ADJOURNMENTS by creating a ruckus in Parliament to arm-twist the House to take up discussions/ debates as per its own sweet will and pleasure or to NOT TAKE UP ISSUES FOR DISCUSSION/ DEBATE AT ALL, for in truth, the Congress is not confident about engaging is any discussion/ debate at all. Even notices of adjournment can be given depending only on the nature of an issue e.g. whether it pertains to the union or state governments, etc. and the decision to grant an adjournment is at the sole discretion of the Speaker. The question is ' Why does the Congress not attend Parliament, conduct itself in a disciplined manner, raise issues as per the Houses' rules and procedures and ensure that the issues that it is clamoring about is taken up for discussion/ debate by Parliament?'. Clearly the Congress lacks the substance, evidence and confidence to support the accusations/ allegations it makes and engage in good and meaningful discussions/ debates in Parliament and consequently attempts to escape such discussions/ debates by creating a ruckus and forcing repeated and frequent adjournments of Parliament.

The Opposition too instead of intelligently and confidently discussing/ debating issues INSIDE Parliament PROTESTS OUTSIDE Parliament. Thus, the leader of SAD and his supporters staged a protest against the farm laws OUTSIDE Parliament, while TMC MPs cycled 'OUTSIDE' Parliament, on the roads of Delhi, to protest against the fuel price hike. They were in sync with the leadership of the Congress which protested 'OUTSIDE ' parliament against the farm laws and later again against the Pegasus row, and then they capped it all ridiculously with Raul Vinci riding to Parliament on a tractor to protest against the Farm Laws. The Opposition then makes a fake show of it all by going to the President and asking that a discussion/ debate be made to happen in Parliament. If the opposition is really interested in any discussion/ debate all that they have to do is to ask Congress to back out, follow the required rules and procedures of Parliament and request the Speaker to schedule time for discussing/ debating any issue that they wish. There are appropriate rules and procedures which have been laid down so that any issue of interest to the country can be raised and discussed/ debated in both houses of Parliament. All that the Opposition has to do is to follow the rules and procedures of Parliament instead of creating a ruckus and stalling the proceedings of Parliament.

DP Raj 4 months ago

Till govt find good excuses to save itself. Traitor

Nrnsingh Negi 4 months ago

पर्चे तुम फाडो। हंगामा तुम करो। संसद को मजाक तुम बनाओ। और कहते हो विपक्ष को बोलने नही दे रहे है। किसको पप्पू बना रहा है लोग सब देख रहे है। हिम्मत है तो चर्चा करो। मंत्री को तुम बोलने नही देते।

Arif Khan 4 months ago

Bika huwa chanal

Sharma Sonika 4 months ago

पपु को जेल मे डालो मोदी सरकार इसने देश को बदनाम करके रख दिया झूठ बोलकर

Chimna Ram Karwasra Ranasar 4 months ago

देश का सबसे बड़ा गद्दार और जुड़ा व्यक्ति है राहुल गांधी

Rajanand M. Meshram 4 months ago


Ibrahim Ismail Langa 4 months ago