If There's A Phone In Heaven I

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If There's A Phone In Heaven I
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Posted 1 year ago in Music & Audio

Cindy Watson 1 year ago

What a heart felt song. I sure wish there was a phone in heaven. MANY MANY Days and nights. But for my husband just to say. Hi.

Cleffie Gipson 1 year ago

What a beautiful song? Sir you did a great job singing.

Evangeline Korok 1 year ago

nice sound od melody , makes me miss my mom in the other life , i wish she have phone wherever she is so i just can pick my cellphone and call her , i just want to hear her voice .

Gayle Price 1 year ago

This song is heartbreaking & will make you want to talk to your loved ones that passed

Bonnie Abston 1 year ago

This is a very pretty song that hits my heart very hard lost my son to early in life I wish I could call him in heaven so it hits home pretty hard on my heart

Dianne Boucher 1 year ago

This is a beautiful song. Always thinking of my mom and how much I miss her.

Julie Bohnert 1 year ago

Love that song Missing my mom alot Makes me cry everytime

Jackie Ciano 1 year ago

I love this song. If only it could happen. I'd be on the phone with all my passed family and friends.

Jaureen Stevens 1 year ago

I love this song it reminds me of my mother her birthday is September 17 and she pass away September 30

Kathryn Tumele 1 year ago

This song just has me crying. I lost my mom three weeks ago.