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75 families are affected after this bridge at Piparo caved on Saturday night. The bridge hangs on nothing. Waterlines are damaged and the families have...

Posted 1 month ago in Crime & Tragedy

Shan Mohammed 1 month ago

I honestly dont find anything about this funny. Stand for something cuz these laugh react people standing for nothing. 🙏 hope you all get through.

Vicky Maharaj 1 month ago

The whole area neglected , this govt don't know and ignorant to the pleas of the people ! We can't be begging for we own tax dollars to be used to fix the country infrastructure . that is a farming area , farmers beat sun and rain to feed the nation. Mr Rowley please have some consideration for the poor Ppl , they don't deserve this !

Michael Jattan 1 month ago

Incredulous that persons here would make fun of these villagers as they seek a correction to their current issue. Additionally why is it that so many persons seem unable to see anything but through a political lens. Is it that once upon a time Trinidad and Tobago was a utopia under one of the major political parties? If that was the case I certainly missed out. Put the politics and the racism aside and lets support each other, as we all, at one time or another will face a challenging circumstance. Here's hoping that this bridge is fixed quickly for my fellow citizens and that the infrastructure concerns of all our communities, north, south, east and west are successfully remedied.

Bridge Vidya 1 month ago

Why would some ppl laugh at this.. 😒😒

Geeta Bharry 1 month ago

Call nicki, ! Everything she says they taking as most important...she will get international news highlight for this plight too.

Alvin Mahabir 1 month ago

We pay taxes for no benefits in return; for buff up when we go to public offices for services. And here come the property tax, to yet again nothing for us!!!!

Karen Bailey-Bahadoorsingh 1 month ago

Tanty in front throwing off everybody.

Vitas Butkoon 1 month ago

I don't like when these UNPATRIOTIC RECALCITRANT MINORITY protest like this. Especially when the GORTT has been doing so well in this pandemic. We are #1 the world. They are doing their best given the economic challenges. If the UNC hadn't wasted 400million and then 200 million in NGC we would have had the money to fix this. Smh.
🎶 We love you so, we take good care of you. The PNM understands 🎵

Kishan Beharry 1 month ago

PM Rowley & The PNM
Government Is By Far The
Best PM & Best Government
On The Whole!!!

I Love My Country,
I Love My PM, &
I Love My Government!!!

Great Is The PNM &
We Shall Prevail!!!

Jah Angelo Noel 1 month ago

So why all yuh in come together and fix the bridge if this was in any other community the people will be show in how the love the community