Dolores is a #LincolnVoter. We're glad to have her on the team.

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Dolores is a #LincolnVoter. We're glad to have her on the team. | Facebook

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Cornelia Schneider 1 year ago

Two young men who despise wearing masks are working on rebuilding my deck. They know I'm a nurse. I told them I also sew very good masks which would fit them individually and properly...would they each like one? They half-heartedly said yes, but became more enthusiastic when I let them choose from my manly-man fabric collection. I sewed fitted masks for them. They were thrilled by the fit and today I sewed another batch of masks for them and for their girlfriends. They enthusiastically chose the (surprisingly bold and colorful) fabrics. I think I may have converted them into mask-wearers. Plus they look very cool in their custom masks. Sometimes a little psychology works.

Dave Peterson 1 year ago

She looks absolutely exhausted. I can't even begin to express how sorry I am for all the front-line workers who have to put up with Trump's non-stop B.S.

Let's make sure he gets voted out so we can finally (try to) put an end to this nightmare!

Betty A Kirkpatrick 1 year ago

Because the EPA has essentially been gutted -we may be wearing masks long after the epidemic has passed.

Rita Madigan 1 year ago

Thank you for your bravery.

Anita Gonzalez 1 year ago

Dolores you are an awesome & courageous nurse & human being to take your most vulnerable time to do this. As a fellow nurse, I prayer 🙏 for you & all first responders. My son is also a first responder & must travel often. We know the importance of keeping social distancing & pray that everyone does it. We have lost family & friends to this illness & we mourn with those many others who have also lost loved ones. Stay safe 🙏 and healthy.

Michael Lakin 1 year ago

We need international election monitors. Trump and Barr have no intention of leaving. As we have seen, they are capable of anything that can be imagined.

Cathy Castleman Collins 1 year ago

Lincoln Project please don't let up. Maybe some people will see the light and ditch Trump.

Lynnmarie Doherty 1 year ago

While the numbers in my state have been going down or stating at level,thing is,hospitals are now back to stopping visitations,not allowing patients to bring anyone w them(unless they are minors),and basically asking people to stay away unless seriously ill or injured. One of the reasons and it makes no sense,is that some( not all) personnel have been stricken w the virus due to behaviors that are careless and yes reckless. Just this past weekend I watched my neighbor,a hospital worker host a get together w about 40-50 people. Not a single guest had on a mask. People were Luton the lawn,out on the street,walking the neighborhood without a care in the world.
Of all people,she(they) should know better!

Jodi Dietry 1 year ago

Anybody I've talked to about not wearing masks, say they understand what they are doing and are choosing to not wear a mask. They say its impossible to get herd immunity if noone is getting sick and people will get sick so it might as well be now and get it over with.

Mickie Santucci Kerwin 1 year ago

I value your knowledge. Thank you so much