🔥 Paul Heyman Unveils WWE 2K Battlegrounds Wild Game Modes! 🔥

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Ladies and gentlemen, let Heyman Hustle tell you a story about WWE 2K Battlegrounds!

Posted 1 year ago

Chris Bardo 1 year ago

Its sad that that had to use Paul Heyman to sell this hot garbage of a game. I will be focusing on better games this fall, Avengers, AC: Vahalla. You now games that were actually thought out, loved, the time put in to make sure they are not overly glitchy, and will have loads of content ever being added. Im good til they decide to actually put out a good WWE game again. which will probably be in 2022. Going to take a year to erase the failure of WWE2k20 an over haul the system codes and such for PS5 and the next XboX. They can't afford another BOMB of their serious game brand, this hot garbage can flop all it wants, will be the final nail in the coffin for WWE using 2K.

Jacob Brinck 1 year ago

From what I have seen backstage with him, he is a good guy and is a good actor and promo speaker.

Bradley Balsley 1 year ago

When will there be open beta on PS4 for this game, so I can try it out? Just curious.

Scott Meakin 1 year ago

Not sure about any future WWE games after that disaster of a game known as WWE 2K20 but I will have wait and see about this Battlegrounds game.

John Mowery 1 year ago

This game will be better than 2K20 lol.

Zack Taylor 1 year ago

For the sake of the WWE Come back Brock, come back Brock.

Nigel Bates 1 year ago

Not buying this game looks WAY to cartoony

Jonathan Lopez 1 year ago

So was this taped before you fired him?

Alex Hunter 1 year ago

A simple cell-phone game

Mike McLaughlin 1 year ago

Looks fun do the players have theirs entrance songs still? That one of the parts I enjoy about wrestling games