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Posted 1 year ago

Jerry Cash 1 year ago

The youth of Nigeria still remain the major problem of Nigeria because their refuse to speak, Nigeria youths please stand up to end suffering in the country, we have all it takes to make Nigeria a better place be wise for once my people

Breanna Agaro-Rapheal 1 year ago

Those abroad must still come and help to grow the country , it's not enough to be overseas complaining.

Agbaje Samuel Keith 1 year ago

Hum mm we all know our problems but we are all afraid to to confront it Specially the youth, trading their tomorrow for politicains

Jon Diicck 1 year ago

We see all these things happening, and yet we cannot do a single thing. They'll keep doing us this way till we all protest for this to stop.

Benita Okoro 1 year ago

Pararan me no go talk for Nigeria matter again. All this online complain and ranting no go solve the problem. When Nigerians are tired of all this rubbish and are ready to hit the street in millions to demand for a better country, then i will come out. For now, i no dey complain online again

Tunde Mayowa 1 year ago

if magu can escape then this guys will av dere way also we the youth need to take our freedom by force. even bible support it

Etionosa Omokaro 1 year ago

Please don鈥檛 reserve for them anymore what are they doing with their constituency allowances,why would create jobs for their followers with that

Anyaehiechukwu Adamba Obiajunwa 1 year ago

I always hear you say that Nigeria can't be repaired, what's your justification for one Nigeria?. I love you but I don't understand why you want the unity of Nigeria.

Kay Nateswizz 1 year ago

If the country cannot be okay then why castigating the biafrans that want to exit...pararan you're so confused that you need to ask your wife the road that leads to your house

Loveth Esemo 1 year ago

The youth will not say anything or come out to protest and demand for there right.