Mother Of George Floyd's Daughter Speaks Out | Facebook

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‘He will never see her grow up, graduate. He will never walk her down the aisle’ — The mother of George Floyd’s daughter opened up about her family’s loss
I I don't don't have have have a. a a lot lot to to say. say. Because I can't get my words right right now, now, now, now, but. but but but but I I I I want everybody to know. Then, this is what those offices. At the end of the day. They get to go home and be with their family. Shena does not have a thought. Ever seen her grow up graduate, graduate, graduate, he he he will will will will. never never never walk. walk walk down down the the aisle. aisle. If it's a problem she's having And she needs a she does not not have have have that that that anymore. anymore. anymore. I'm I'm here here for for my my. baby. Because I want Justice for him. I want Justice for him cuz he was good, no matter what anybody thinks she was good and and this this is is the the the proof proof proof that that. that that he he he was was was a a a a good man. man. It's hard because I wasn't telling her and I thought I was like you know, I'm not gonna tell him nothing but he did an interview interview and and and I I. I I was was was watching watching. watching watching the the the interview and I I was was in in the the the room room room room and. and and and I. I I had had close the door so so she she wouldn't wouldn't be be be able able able to to to hear hear. hear hear what what what was was was going going going going on on and when when I I something something something just just just told told told me me me to to to go. go go check check. and she was. Out-of-doors, he said mom something going on with my family and I say why do you say that? Because I hear them saying my Daddy's name on TV. And we talked about it. She wanted to know how he died and the only thing that I can tell is he can't breathe. If I I just lost my mother that's long ago and that was the best friend. So one morning we're getting up and getting ready to go and and I told her that her granny came to take her dad with it with her and so, she said, You know what I'm ready to go to heaven cuz I wanna wanna be be with with. with my. my.

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