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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley hold a press conference.
Well, first, I wanna say thank you to all of you for being here today and I wanna send a message of gratitude and thanks to the solidarity that we have received from every corner of our country from our colleagues to our neighbors. We are grateful for your solidarity, your encouragement and your support in the face of the most recent Zeno phobic bigot. From the occupant of the White House, I will always refer to him as the occupant as he is only occupying space is not embodied. The grace the empathy, the compassion, the integrity of that office requires and that the American people deserve that being said, I encourage the American people and all of us in this room and beyond to not take the bait. This is. Disrupted distraction from the issues of care concern and consequence to the American people that we were sent here with a decisive mandate from our constituents to work on. Everything from reducing the cost of prescription drugs to addressing our affordable housing prices to ensuring that the American people have more than health insurance quick but health care. More recently, thanks to the partnership of Sherman, Elijah Cummings and the advocacy of myself and a Coalition of advocates. I've worked with for decades. We held the first hearing on childhood trauma and it's sitting in that hearing as we heard about the many manifestations in generations, a childhood trauma in the wake of the public health crisis and epidemic that has done violence in the wake of PTSD, India Awake. Those battling substance abuse disorder and a host of other things. It was impossible not to think of the trauma that is being inflicted upon children everyday at our border at the end of the day. If we improve the conditions of children in a cage, they are still in a cage and we are this really vigorously and fundamentally opposed to the criminalizing the vilified the Mass detention and deportation of migrant families. Who are simply doing what is their legal human right and that is to seek asylum in the tradition of who we say we are as a country, a beacon of light and hope and of refuge. This is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callus, chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration all the way down. We wanna get back to the business of the American people and while we were sent here, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, addressing the public health crisis, an epidemic that is gun violence addressing the racial wealth gap and yes, making sure that families stay together. I also would like to just underscore the fact that despite the occupant of the White House attempts to marginalize us into silences, please know that we are more than four people. We ran on a mandate to advocate for to represent those ignored left out and left behind. Squad is big. Our squad includes any person committed to building a more equitable in just the world and that is the work that we wanna give back to and given the size of the squat in this great nation, we cannot we will not be silenced and now I'll invite Representative Omar to offer a few words as well. Thank you Congresswoman Anna Presley This country was founded on the radical idea that we are created equal and endowed by our creator with inalienable rights and yes, we have a long way before we fully live up to those values. It is for this reason precisely that we have to take action when a President is openly violating the old he took. To the constitution of the United States and the core values we are tired to as Martin Luther King said. All we say to America is be true to what you say on paper. I believe this is a pivotal moment in our country. The eyes of history is watching us right now. The President is carrying out Mass deportation raids across this country in each one. our district right now the president is committing human rights abuses at the border keeping children in cases and have being human beings drinking our of told this president who has been incredibly accused of meeting motorable crimes including including with one government interview with our election this is a president who has over seen the most after administration In our history and pursued an agenda to allow millions of Americans to die from a lack of health care while he transfers millions of dollars in tax cuts to corporations. This is a President who has said grab women by the Pussy. This is a President who's called Platte Black athletes Sons of Bitches. This is a President who has called black people who come from black and Brown countries shit holes. This is a President who has equated neo-Nazis with those who protest again. In Charlottesville, this is a President who has openly violated the very value our country aspires to afford. Quality under the law, religious Liberty, equal protection and protection from persecution and to distract from that he's launching a Platelet racist attack on four dually elected members of the United States of House of Representatives, all of whom are women of color. This is the agenda of White Nationalist whether it is. In chat rooms or it's happening on National TV and now it's reached the White House Garden. He would love nothing more than to divide our country based on race, religion, gender orientation or immigration status, because this is the only way he knows he can prevent the solidarity of us working together across all of our differences, the only way to prevent us confronting the problems our country's facing whether it is health care climate change. In debt or endless wars, this is his plan to pit us against one another. This is how he can continue to enrich his friends and distract us from the detrimental policies that his administration is pushing forward. so we can either continue to enable this President and report on the bio of garbage that comes out of his mouth or we can hold him up. round about has crimes we can continue return applied i of the month of crimes he is accused we can stand will be valid people basic human rights and the responsibility the responsibilities this administration has for the death of children on our border or we can take action I have not made impeachment Central to my election or my 10 year, but since the day that I've gotten elected, I'd said to people it is not hot if he will be impeached. but when so it is time for us to stop allowing this President to make a mockery out of our constitution. It's time for us to impeach this President. So now we're going to. Alexandria Ocasio Congresswoman Alexandria Good afternoon everyone I try to keep things as brief by guess who knows when I get on the road right When I was a little girl, my father took me to the reflecting pool here we were on a road trip from New York to Florida to visit family and I've told this story before, but it was my first time ever with visiting Washington DC, and it was my only time visiting Washington DC for years if not decades and he rested. On the side of the reflecting pool and had my toes deep in the water and he had me look at the Washington Monument had me look at the Capitol had me look at the entirety of the capital of our of our great country and he looked at everything and he pointed to all of it and he said this belongs to all of us. this belongs to you and it belongs to me and so the first note that I want to tell children across this. Is that no matter what the President says this country belongs to you and it belongs to everyone and today that notion that very notion was challenged this weekend that very notion was challenged. so I am not surprised when when the President says that four sitting members of Congress should quote go back to their own country when he has authorized raised without. Thousands of families across this country, I am not surprised that he used that uses the rhetoric that he does when he violates international human rights and takes thousands of children away from their families. I am not surprised that he has turned our public education system under the leadership of Betsy DeVos into a cash cow to enrich himself and his friends. I am not surprised when he corrupts via the Secretary of Transportation. I am not surprised. At what he's doing, but I also know that we're focused on making it better because we don't leave the things that we love and when we love this country with that means is that we propose the solutions to fix it. We love all people in this country and that's why we believe health care is a human right. We bought. We love all children in this country and because we do that's why we fight for education for all children. Through College and so we'll stay focused on our agenda and we won't get cost lift them because all of this is a distraction. It's a distraction from what's most important and from our core values as American citizens, and with that, I'll hand it over to you. Thank you so much. thank you to my sisters and service. Thank you all so much for being here. as we all know the recent tweets and words from the President are simply a continuation of his racist and xenophobic Playbook. We cannot allow these hateful actions by the President to distract us from the critical work to hold this administration accountable to the Indian game conditions at the border that is separating children from their loved ones engaging them up an illegal horrific conditions. I represent the third fourth Congressional district in this country. Is made up of working people who have been targeted by this administration and their actions and words are hurting them today. I was elected to fight for them fight for the thirteenth Congressional District. They sent me here to Congress to fight back against the corporate assault in the corruption in our country. This means supporting an impeachment inquiry of this President and his actions by the administration and his appointees. Sadly, this is not the first nor will it be the last time we hear disgusting bigoted language from the President. We know this is. He is and we know that he and his administration are constantly engaged in actions that harm residents in American people in our country. Many members of Congress have called President patient because of his utter disregard and disrespect of the United States Constitution. And despite this and other many attempts to distract us, I remain focus. We remain focused on holding him accountable to the laws of this land and accountable to the American people I heard Earth. House leadership many of my colleagues to take action to impeach this lawless President today and now we'll take two or three questions. Mary Thank you very much the President today said that many people agree with him and support these comments. I'm wondering if you can speak directly to those supporters of the President and explained why these comments are so harmful and football and on a personal note, you can discuss the consequences of an impact. A bit of these comments have you had to up your security or you're receiving increasing. I would just say that the experience that he offered is in contradiction to the experience that I have every day, including in the airport on my way here, there are many people who approached me and who said I disagree with some of your policies. I'm an independent. I'm a Republican, but I think what he did was wrong and he won't apologize, but I'm going to apologize so I have. Experience nothing in the wake of those comments again, the words of denouncing these Venom phobic, bigoted words, but again, this is a distraction and we should not take the bait. We can sit here and continue to recycle is hateful rhetoric of which I cannot find a surprise or inflated outrage because he is if nothing else predictable what we are. Are the hateful policy that our economy and oppressive and life threatening and family separated that is being rolled out by this administration every day. In particular to all of you can you respond to some of the president's specific flames? most notably that you're a Communist and that you're pro Al Qaeda. You might have noticed how when he said, go back to where you came from. there was an uproar through the Through all of our communities because every single person who's Brown and black at some point in their life in this country heard that now when he made the comment I know that every single Muslim who has lived in this country and across the world, has heard that comment. And so I will not dignify it with an answer because I know that every. Flammable every single person who is hateful who is a driven by an ideology of othering as this President is rejoices in us. responding to that, and as defending ourselves, I do not expect every time there is a White supremist who attacks or there is a a White man who kills in. In a school or in a movie theater or in in a mask or in a synagogue, I don't expect my White community members to respond on whether they love that person or not. And so I think it is beyond time. It's beyond time to ask Muslims to condemn terrorists. We are no longer. Going to allow the dignified scat of such ridiculous ridiculous statement for some of you have made comments that the President took issue with that were controversial. You think that some of those comments made if they were inflammatory to the controversial, this situation would be different, but he specifically directed some of those same comments back in court. The President took issue with some of the comments that was made on a on a host of issues and turn them back around. That's had those comments not been a controversy or not you received this being controversial. Do you think that that will make this situation different? Otherwise he would have the firepower turn it back around No turn. I will pick this and I think Alex has has has a great answer for this. so I let her finish it every single statement that we make is from a place. Extreme love for everything person in this country. It is part of the mandate of why we ran for office and why we got elected every single person wants to make sure that they have people in the halls of Congress that is fighting to make sure that they have health care that they have an education that is suitable in the United States that they have access to proper roads and bridges that they have access to clean water and clean air. Every single person here in the United States knows that we are fighting every single day to create a more perfect Union and to fight on their behalf. Now when people say if you say a negative thing about the policies in this country, you hate this country to me. it's sort of speaks to the hypocrisy and Alex and I were talking about this when this President ran and until today, he talked about everything that was wrong in this country and how he was going to make it great and so for. To condemn us into say we are an American for wanting to work hard to make this country be the country We all deserve to live in. Completely packed. I I I don't think it would have changed anything because first of all he made statements that were blatantly untrue. so whether he was siding comments or not siding comments. If you didn't have what he wanted to say he would make it up. This President operates in complete bad faith. He does not operate in in good faith and so that's one thing but second second to to the previous question, as well. Weak minds and leaders challenge loyalty to our country in order to avoid challenging and debating the policy. This President does not know how to make the argument that Americans do not deserve healthcare. He does not know how to defend his policies so what he does is attack us personally and that is what. It's all about he can't look at a child in the face and he can't look all Americans in the face and justify why this country is throwing them in cages. So instead, he tells us that I should go back to the great Burgh of the Bronx and make it better. and that's what I'm here to do. Last week, thank you all so much for being here with more questions and more calling President Trump.

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