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John and Kayleigh Cry To The Radio (EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE)

Posted 1 year ago in TV & Movies

Rob Holder 11 months ago

Sian Gibson is amazing.. she plays the role of Kayleigh perfectly.

Una Helga 7 months ago

Totally agree, I always thought he killed her, first she goes walking down to the river all alone, then ‘I left her by the river’. 😁😁

Julie Allman 1 year ago

Soooo funny ! We discussed this song SO much in the 80s ! There were always 2 camps !

Shirley Wollner 1 year ago

I love that song!!! And to think they cut this seen!! LOL

Andrew Lloyd 11 months ago

The chemistry between these two was fantastic. It’s what made the series such a success.

Keith Webb 1 year ago

Used to love Kayleigh's music videos. Good actress.
She deserves to do well.

Damian Cartwright 1 year ago

My wife and I have had this argument so many times.

His alibi really starts to break down when he says she went out walking all alone, but shortly afterwards says he left her by the river. One has to question whether she’d ever known she had company at the river.

Anyway, I pretty much sealed it when I pointed out “right here waiting” is a stalker song.

Jon Platts 9 months ago

Got the box set for Christmas - all watched before New Years Day
Absolutely fantastic series but I'm glad they stopped when they did.

Ian Jones 1 year ago

Only Peter Kay could make a great scene like that about a song, the man is a comedy genius

Steven Blood 11 months ago

Richard Marx is one of my all time favourite artists, and is very underrated. He also co-wrote "Dance With My Father" with Luther Vandross. Fantastic to watch live too.