Fox News - White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a...

Fox News • 4 months ago   5.4K     9.3K
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White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing.

Tracie Harwood Stobert
Tracie Harwood Stobert4 months ago

Time to worry about America! Period. Close the borders and take care of all the mess you have created in our Country😢 So tired of all the lies by our President and his administration.

Jennifer Devries
Jennifer Devries4 months ago

This women keeps wearing black like she is going to a funeral ... ya the death to America with there policies 😡

Gary Zinn
Gary Zinn4 months ago

How nice is that, Jill cares about troops and military family's as her husband leaves them behind. Rubbish administration

Theresa Parsons Sannicandro
Theresa Parsons Sannicandro4 months ago

Why is she always smirking? So condescending!! Thank God Mansion is doing the right thing!! Dems have ruined our country!! Jen is always so angry since she’s tired of covering Biden’s mistakes!

Kathy Mlynarski Ismar
Kathy Mlynarski Ismar4 months ago

The country is falling apart and all she wants to do is blame others. Pathetic.

Kevin Stibich
Kevin Stibich4 months ago

We are 9 months into his catastrophic failure!

Mark Klein Sr.
Mark Klein Sr.4 months ago

This Administration is taking the country down the sewer. Pay more attention next time you vote. 🤮

Terri Anderson
Terri Anderson4 months ago

We would not be in this situation if Trump was around..

Debbie Lynn
Debbie Lynn4 months ago

She’s lying. SS checks and most federal job pay will not stop

Claudia Fetters Hardin
Claudia Fetters Hardin4 months ago

Close the border and you will have the money to help Ethiopia