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Then pranked my Fiance with it!!!


Posted 1 year ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Kelly Brazelton 6 months ago

I laughed so hard at this because my reaction would've been about the same. Even the way she was standing! 馃ぃ

Kitty VanDungeon 1 year ago

I thought they were gonna be bigger.... a little disappointed.... also that's exactly how my cats act when they get freaked out 馃槀

Alan Koenigslieb 1 year ago

Stop being a little girl! That looks like a normal hornet where I come from!

David Priscilla Rae 1 year ago

You really should dona show about those realistic pets they have advertised. You can get pets that do t shit or bite and don't have to feed them. I seen monkeys and dogs that are moving running and barking and they look so sreal

Charlotte Dobbins 1 year ago

You forgot to finish your hairstyle with hairspray.I鈥檓 not bullying you because you,your your family are just so adorable.God bless

Diane Melo 1 year ago

My sons name is Cory and his half sisters name is alysha so I giggle everytime I hear them yell at eachother

Undre Drawn 1 year ago

They can actually get a little bit bigger than that.

But yeah... she was about to karate kid kick you in the face.. 馃お馃ぃ馃槀

Hayden Sanderson 1 year ago

It says handle with care I dont think he know what that mean because hes whipping that box around like a deliver man when the box says fragile

Andrea Thornburg Murphy 11 months ago

Had one on my Husband Car Plainwell Michigan around end of May beginning of June. Saw another one in Hopkins it is scary and creepy for sure.

Ryan Baggett 1 year ago

These hornets are territorial and only attack when fill threatens/ Disturbed... Entomologists have explained that people in the U.S. should not be afraid of the hornets, but the media makes them seem more dangerous to humans when in fact they are more dangerous to honeybees...