Flamethrower nitrous Monte Carlo SS is moving!

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One mean gbody right here that is getting all the way busy! Mean light show and it's moving out

Owner-Chad Fernell

Car Name-Sniper

Posted 1 year ago

Edward Fields 1 year ago

sounds good and she moves good 😉

PHil Di Maggio 1 year ago

Jeramie Buchholz 1 year ago

Sheri Scoggin I had a 73 Bad Boy Monte Carlo ! Since I was18 till very recently lol 😂 evil 👿 people suck

Jeramie Buchholz 1 year ago

I miss my 73

Delores Dowell 1 year ago

Getting it done !!!

Steve Rosen 1 year ago

Jeff it's your old monte

Courtney Dantzler 1 year ago

Bad boy