Pressure on state premiers to make sex offender lists public knowledge

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17 years since Daniel Morcombe was murdered, his father says the nation's leaders are still not doing enough to protect our children.

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Posted 1 year ago in Crime & Tragedy

Zoe Coote 1 year ago

? It would go out of control ? What do they call it now ? ! This is a ridiculous excuse. In one state in America it is illegal for pedophiles to put Halloween decorations out or answer the door amongst other things. This is policed. America isn’t always one to copy but in this case it is.

Mark Christopher Stafford 1 year ago

The ANCOR Sex offenders Register should be made public.
I used to work with it !
Protect the children .
Not Offenders.

Lisa Care 1 year ago

Why shouldn’t it be made public? We have a bloody right to know if these sickos are amongst us. How can we protect ourselves when it seems the government is more concerned with protecting their identity.

Alice Jones 1 year ago

They won’t make it public in case they are caught out and end up on the register it’s also the reason they won’t make sentences tougher they are protecting themselves and their mates

Affie Alaouie Kamal 1 year ago

Theses scums should never be released to the public this would solve this issue and protect children forever 😡

Nikki Byrne 1 year ago

Only one reason the government don't tell, is there will be too many top names revealed 👎

Darren Galwey 1 year ago

Of course they'd go underground.. 6 feet under or a shallow pit.. either one the general public would be pleased with 🤷🏼‍♂️

Gen Norris 1 year ago

The evil pedaphile murderer should be dead !! Stop considerating the future by discussing jail time and release dates. The Monsters needs to eradicated! 😡🤬

Brandon Rossendell 1 year ago

It should be made public but to a certain degree, I do agree that we should know if we’re living next to a pedo

Codie Muhling-Hughes 1 year ago

No they’re just worried they will start turning up dead like they deserve