AOC on Ted Cruz: No Policy Just PUFF

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AOC just crushed Ted Cruz on Twitter.

Posted 5 months ago in Social Issues

Roger Hunt 4 months ago

Id listen if I was the original oppressed in my own homeland.. we the indigenous are the true victims here or am I missing something

Linda Travis 4 months ago


Mark A. Chitwood 4 months ago

So Ted Cruz who actually went to the border to shine a light on the problem of bad immigration policy changes is the bad guy,but AOC who sent out photoshopped of herself at the border to protest good immigration policies is the hero. SMH.

Glenn Gardner 5 months ago

Joseph Gould 5 months ago

AOC is A OK!

Brenda Lock 4 months ago


Jerry Lee 4 months ago

Ted Cruz love him self: and his lies.

Gary Ricci 5 months ago

We all know what Cruz is!!!

Claire Bigelow 4 months ago

i love AOC ...she speaks the truth..holds back NO punches and fights like heck..i cant wait to vote for her for President ..... <3 Ted Cruz ? he can jump in a mud puddle for all i care...

William Jones 4 months ago

Mental midgets 馃槅 馃槅 just saying