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Native English speakers can be difficult to understand for several reasons. A big one is reducing, or changing the pronunciation, of small...
Hey guys it's keenyn and this is the clear English corner where we're talking about all things American, English pronunciation. So, if this is the first time you found one of these videos, be sure to subscribe and tap the Bell. So you'll receive a notification anytime new lessons are published also be sure to visit the channel or the clear English corner website to see all the lessons that are already available in today's lesson we're talking about 25 of the most common reduced words in English, but you might be wondering what that is a reduced word so let's talk about that. First, we can break down English phrases and sentences much the same way. We break down English words, so in English phrases and sentences. There will be words that are stressed or emphasized there will also be words that are on stress to better said quickly, without any emphasis. There will also be word Is that reduce and these reduced words are said very quickly and there pronunciation changes from the way you would say the word if you said it by itself also in these reduce words, the vowel sound, often changes to the shaw. These reduced words are extremely common in the English language in fact, every single one of the words recovering today are among the top 100 of the most common words in the language it's Definitely worth your time to become familiar with these words, not only will it help you to sound, more natural and native in your pronunciation, but it's going to help amend sleep in your listening comprehension when you're trying to understand those fast talking native speakers, okay so, let's dive in with our list of 25 of the most common reduced words in English here we go number one t H e Only pronounced the when it comes before a word that starts with a vowel sound and all other instances. You, wanna say the that the police call the police, the car she bought the car number two a R e R becomes or or kids are the kids are hungry. Those are those are hot Number three a and d and becomes an and Thursday and Friday I'll be out, Thursday and Friday and you practice and you will get better number four of of when it comes before word. That starts with the consonant. Sound is typically gonna turn to up up wanna I need one of those part of our you part of this number five. I snuck into words here. The articles a and and a becomes uh uh, a break. They need a break, a meeting I have a meeting And and becomes an and an appointment we have an appointment in early lunch. I had an early lunch number six t O to becomes tuck ton to see. I can't wait to see it and watch for this, since the word starts with a t. If it comes after a word, that ends in a vowel sound it's gonna turn into a flap t or d sound, so go to becomes gota. I should go to sleep We a ass, was becomes, was, was was late. She was late was awesome that was awesome number eight t H a t that becomes that that that's terrible. Oh no that's terrible that might he said that might happen now. You don't wanna reduce the word that if you could say it and be pointing at the same time, like I want that one also, if you're using the word For emphasis or if it comes at the end of the sentence, like I don't like that much or I don't know about that moving on number nine F R four becomes firm. Fir for dinner. What's, for dinner for bed it's time for bed number 10. Why O. You, you becomes yeah yeah new yeah I knew you would do you do you have it number 11 H e. T. We actually drop the a chair and it becomes just e e touring sure he does no easy. I know we will number 12 a t at becomes at at at six let's meet at six at work. He's at work be u tee, but becomes but but but that anything but that but it's I don't like it, but it's the only option number 14 H. I s his again, we drop the H, here and it becomes is is it says it's his job That's is thats his brother number. 15 F R O. M. From becomes, from from from one to four. The meetings from one to four from New York. He's from New York number 16 oh R or becomes or or Tuesday or Thursday I can do Tuesday or Thursday three or four with Here, for work better number, 17, a s, as becomes as as not as it's not as hot today as soon as will leave as soon as we can number eighteen t H. I are there becomes their their their address. What's their address their House Our House is for sale number 19 C, a and can becomes can can I can, I can do that. We can. We can try again tomorrow side note see and can almost always reduces to can can, where is the a and t can't doesn't ever reduce that's one way you can tell the difference between these two words instead of can vs can't you're really listening for can vs can't okay number 20. He e. Ah R, her again, we drop the H, here and it becomes Her her matter I just met her it's her it's her birthday number. 21 t H and them we drop the beginning of this word to the falls away and it becomes um um song we song last night need them. I don't need them number 22 H. I. M. Him again. We drop that age and it becomes an and told him She already told him, madam. I met him yesterday number 23. Why O. You are or why O, you, apostrophe R e your becomes year year. Your weekend. How was your weekend. Your next. I think your next number 24 t H a and then becomes than than more than it's more than that, better than any Things better than this and finally number 25 oh you are our becomes R R R House parties at our House R best. We tried our best so there you have it. 25 very common or that reduce it's well worth your time to become familiar with this list and if you need some extra help here, you know I've got you covered here's. What I recommend be sure you grab the practice pia. I created to go along with this video. It's a list of the 25 words You covered today as well as their transcriptions and the sample sentences we used in the video watch. This video everyday this week and say the words instances with me. After that take your list and using your auditory memory, try to say the words and sentences on your own. After a few days of imitating like this, I want you to take things a step further try to use the list to generate your own phrases and sentences you'll be amazed how these words start to work Their way into your brain alright. I hope you found the less than helpful if you did, please share with friends that you think my find the information interesting or helpful. Let me know how your practice goes this week and, as always, thanks so much for tuning in and I'll see you next time

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