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Posted 1 year ago in Crime & Tragedy

Faith Ezimokhai 1 year ago

God alone knows the truth. Marriage is suppose to be enjoyable but these days I don't understand what is going on. May God help us all in the world of mystery.

Abel Edejero 1 year ago

Anybody when say wetin you talk nor make sense go suffer for 600 years .

Tabi Awafu Ako 1 year ago

My brother many of them are without Christ. Bearing the title pastor, bishop, Prophet, priest doesn't make u a born again. People just follow blindly just because of small dreams. In the book of Jeremiah God said woe unto these pastors, prophet who mislead his children, he said many of them see dreams and they lie to people that God said. God said if u see dream tell them u saw dream. People should even follow Christ because of the love they have for him not because of miracles signs and wonders.

Leval Ainah 1 year ago

Do not IGNORE death threats....REPORT it. .....

Jack Vince 1 year ago

Plenty fake pastors, fake prophecy, fake everything, just regular hustlers...

Helen Ikhianosen 1 year ago

Marriage is never an achievement, May her soul rest in peace.

Godday Obi 1 year ago

600 years prison

Marvin Ozuo 1 year ago

But Pararan you don read this news yesterday with different caption 🤨🤨

Atem Arabella 1 year ago

The prophecy was for him he could not see

Richard Obafemi Allimi 1 year ago

Topic suppose to be Nigerian pastors come see una mate not Nigerian police.