The Heresies: Gnosticism -

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When people say they are "spiritual, but not religious," what are they actually saying?

Heresies are nothing new to the Church, and Gnosticism has been...

Posted 1 year ago

Elizabeth Tura 1 year ago

Thanks God. You are always there .

Lan Lanz 1 year ago

Being religious means prayerful. As much as possible by reading the Holy Bible, Praying a novena, Praying the Holy Rosary and 10 Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Divine Mercy. It completes my day by doing it everyday. And i feel more Blessed by it. Have a safe evening!

Jorge García 1 year ago

Bendiciones y amén

Goutam Kumar 1 year ago

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Joey Urena 1 year ago

Thank you EWTN

Brenda Zolli 1 year ago

Christianity demands something of each person. It might be a change of lifestyle or relationship or God asking you to do something difficult. People do not want this.
They want to feel ‘spiritual’ without any material demands. Nice feelings but no commitment.

Elizabeth Marin 1 year ago

It means they look to the horizon missing the horizon itself.

Julie Spaccarelli 1 year ago

I can’t commit

Rosa Esther Luehr 1 year ago

I rather learn my Bible and preach me the scriptures. So then I can tell people my beliefs. Blessed is the Sacred Trinity now and forever. Amen