MC Has Fun - OMG! When she lifts the TAPE 🤩

MC Has Fun • 3 months ago   53.9K     91.5K  •  5.6M Views
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OMG! When she lifts the TAPE 🤩

Posted 3 months ago in Visual Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Kristin Swisher McMenamy
Kristin Swisher McMenamy3 months ago

We’re sending angry faces because she’s wasting our time!

Mimi Rosen
Mimi Rosen3 months ago

So you’ve sucked me in. I’ve invested this much time. Will NEVER watch her again.

Tina Hilton
Tina Hilton3 months ago

She’s going to look into the camera and laugh at us all

Kathy Shawn Sanders
Kathy Shawn Sanders3 months ago

Stop repeating yourself over and over. Just get in with it!

Stacy Chouinard-Pinar
Stacy Chouinard-Pinar3 months ago

These videos might be fun to watch, if you didn’t over explain everything multiple times. Get on with it. Already…..

Susan Heywood
Susan Heywood3 months ago

Sorry, i watched so long is time for bed .,See Ya next time…NOT!

Susan Heywood
Susan Heywood3 months ago

This took WAY too long! And the water, wasn’t seeing it come out of your bottle #bored

Pamela Oliva
Pamela Oliva3 months ago

I walked away from the video for 3 days, came back and she still wasn’t finished. Yes…. It’s sarcasm.

Jane Rhodes
Jane Rhodes3 months ago

An hour later and she is still talking

Rosemarie Mia Sterling Cornelius
Rosemarie Mia Sterling Cornelius3 months ago

STOP TALKING AND PEAL THE DAMNED THING. So boring listening to both rattle on.