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CROWDS GATHER FOR 7TH DAY OF NYC PROTESTS: People continue to gather in NYC to protest police violence and racial injustice. Many protesters were out...
Else who wants to speak come up but until then. Yeah, I got I got a built up back. Our force keep going. Last night in Brooklyn, I see what they're trying to do every time there are people, but I will not allow it. I love y'all I love. Okay. Yo What I wanna say is all jokes aside is to my colored people out here right now. we gotta realize that we have racism going against our own self. Do you realize that our community before listen before George Floyd died, you know how many trans women of color? Are the same exact thing? Because of who they choose to be or who they believe they are, you do not like someone because of who they were born to be. I got to say to me. We got to fix what we have going on in our own community, too. We looted the Bronx we. Who dominant? I want and don't get me wrong. What the is, but let's fuck up White America. I'm sorry. can't We walk and be comfortable. Come on man, That's all I gotta say trans lives matter too. Go. That Bevis, like all. We're tolerant. My people. Give him some video shot. Peace. No no. I just wanna say thank you all. You see it. Doing Want to do? Oh my God. Hey, once again, I wanna thank you all for being out here guys. it's a little bit. Round of applause and out here it's. Now you may or may not heard me before. I'll say it again. I hear what I said before I'm. There are three demands and need to be put into law in order to change the injustice that we see every day number one yesterday I counted about five White shirt officers. Those are the captains the sergeants the people in power and of the 50 I counted only five of them were persons of color. What? Five of the 50 officers of power where persons of color. And I would bet my mother's life and I love my mother, but I would be my mother's life if that the numbers were reversed, We wanna be witnessing the injustice we see time and time again. You wanna know how we make change, we change the power structure of the system. We need equality around the country and this is how you do it by putting more people of color in positions of power and you will see the change. If there are a hundred sergeants and captains within the police force, at least half of them should be persons of color, we can't continue to have White officers and power to police and communities of color. They don't know nothing about I can go $25 number two years, Police accountability if an officer is involved, the death of a civilian they should be arrested immediately case closed. Goodbye to their wife is not don't deserve that. Number two and the last one probably the most important at least training. We want Congress to authorize a full and transparent investigation into policing across the nation all across the America that ain't nothing to prove all across the nation in the classroom, Yes and the field training and every training officer is possible should be a person of color. This will. Proper training be able to keep your cool a black guy. Three the man into law, we will see change we will see Justice and if we don't see Justice, no peace, no Justice, no peace, No Justice, no peace. So like I said before many times, if you have something to say, this is the platform to say It's. There are black and Brown people. Coming out for free. Anybody any. No don't don't make me don't get me wrong. There are people that have their numbers of people that have got over despair and they have came back from it, but there is people that are black and Brown that are committing crimes that are guilty of the crime that get put in the streets in our own. Our only option is to commit more crime and they can't even vote. they can't even vote. The number is bro. The numbers are crazy. I've been next to a White person. That one. They locked me up only if my color didn't stick if my bess they would like. They would've got the real criminal. Four. Pizza pie. I'm not I'm not saying, don't go out there and do the other things just do it do it over there. It's right here. I'm not saying, don't do it. You don't do it. Foul Braces for that. Hi, I'm. If you're gonna get. There. It's really simple The. We vote. For the commissioners, the mayor, the DA, the state attorney. The all of that is a voting position. It's a position that we put in power. We haven't done it. We haven't done it, I haven't. Hours ago, That's just gonna make the change, but we both when the person wasn't. We all know. Haven't done it. President but we don't have to electro. we come out in our state in our Locks' five million he still became. we have control We are you. Our country is not divided. It's unified so Unified and let's put this all together let's vote and let's put the power back in our hands. Streets Y'all Hear me Yeah. Now, I have to ask why is this happening? Why are black people are allowed to be shot unjustly. Why are police officers allowed to plant drugs in order to convince people? And why are police officers allowed to need black people and broad daylight? It's because of the people in power, Let it happen. It's not even that the racist, it's just that they don't care and they're racist. And the police is amazed by which they do that as long as the police are unaccountable to the people that will forever oppress us. They will oppress the poor. they will oppress the homeless and they will oppress all minorities as long as they continue to do the things they. As long as they're allowed to shoot up, protesters like this. And, of course, in order to do that as other people have mentioned, we need to elect local leaders. Come on, Let's get this let's go. It's the Democratic Party has to. Trump is clearly racist. Right-I Shoot-off Protesters' already set on Twitter that he'll shoot us. we cannot allow him any longer. otherwise more people have died from Inge. Kim black people to be shocked because Black Lives matter. So one last thing. My man right here what you need to shut down the West Side highway, but before we do that, I got one last thing to say now we've been talking about elections. Alright. So look listen so speaking on elections and voting, it's more than just that. Have to run ourselves. All White men. His decision. Me for the rest of my life when they won't even be around in the next 10 years. Probably be dead within the next 10 years, telling me how I should be living 20 years from now. At me and everybody else in the future because everyone in office now will be here for the future. so they don't give a shit about it. Oh, so we need to we need to give a shit about it because they don't. Peace, No Justice, No peace, No, we are gonna start marching. We need to keep this organized so there are fighters with us. Yes, I need you to start heading up for right now. Alright if you are on a bike if you're gonna start heading up right now, everybody else on foot, let's. Oh, You don't mind taking this to your car. That's great is. it's like you to snow in. Yeah. Okay. I can't stay here and just try to show you as much as I okay. And you can go together. Don't shoot don't shoot. Out here. Hands up. Don't shoot hands. Peace Peace Peace One your life. Georges Dodge George Washington, George Washington 523 Three, I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe I can. Three I can't breathe, I can. I I'm so happy that you have. Don't you. Don't shoot. Don't shoot. Don't shoot. Oh shit. George George one. Choice Boyd Boyd No no. No peace, No Justice, No peace. No peace. No Justice, no peace, no racist ass. Us No. Police No. Police no Justice, No peace. No Justice, no peace, no racist Police, No Justice, no peace, no racist. Police, No Justice, no peace, no racist asshole Police No Justice, No peace, No peace respectfully. Police no Justice, No peace No Justice, no peace, what is will be. Police fucking great. Police Police Three Who? We our team. Street. I Three Cuba's All of these races as police, no Justice, no peace, no racist ass police, No Justice, no peace, no racist Police No peace, no racist that to me fucking racist ass police. Police My cousins. You. Don't you. Don't shoot. Two 12. 12. Don't shoot don't shoot Don't shoot don't shoot don't shoot don't shoot. Don't shoot don't shoot. don't shoot. Justice What? Coming up tomorrow. Joy Joy Yeah. 212 don't shoot. Don't shoot don't shoot Don't shoot don't shoot. Don't you don't shoot Don't shoot don't shoot. The people. On my face. मातरम Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter Black Lives matter. name boys Peace. These spaces. Our streets. Street Street. Whose streets Our Our streets our streets Whose streets Our streets Who's streets Our streets. Peace. Peace, No Justice, No peace, No no.

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