Alicia Keys - 🎶 A Beautiful Noise by me and Brandi Carlile...

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🎶 A Beautiful Noise by me and Brandi Carlile 🎶⁣

It is said that before entering the sea a river trembles with fear.⁣
She looks back the way...

Posted 12 months ago in Music & Audio

Tina Ferringer-Cotherman 12 months ago

Aww this video is gorgeous of little G on his happy zone and the song is beautiful💜😘🤗

Ariel Banks 12 months ago

This is probably the most beautiful song of this year. I would argue one of the top most beautiful songs of all time. Between the meaning, the blending of your voices being a perfect match, and the melodies.... wow! Instant gold!I felt like I was listening to history when I heard it for the first time.

Cindy Barry 10 months ago

Love this. Good music Wendy Sue

Barbara Rożek 12 months ago

Every time I listen, it touch me so much. It is so valid for Polish woman and whole Polish society now, when we went out on our streets 13 days ago, to have a voice for our rights to be free, to be able to make decisions according to our conscience and its own values, for dignity of every Person. We need more power which will not allow to turn off this fire, to really turn from a difficult corner where we found as a society. To became better. Eh.. US is so lucky to have you Alicia&Carlie. It would be wonderful if you could sing it for us - Polish ladies to keep this fire up. LOVE that song and its lyrics. So valid for me and for Poland. ❤😍

Carrie Lynn 12 months ago

Love this video , love seeing Genesis having fun love everything about this song 💜☮️

Katharine Costello 12 months ago

Love the song the video gave me goosebumps your voice so soulful your amazing xxx💕💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏

Robert Martinez 12 months ago

Beautiful yr truly an angel heavenly bless love yr music an you of course may god blessing be with you always an forever ah love so much lol

Sharon Gaffglione 12 months ago

Miss Alicia Keys you are my idol I’ve loved you since 2010 with the song halo and down a beautiful voice is just over the edge I’m sharing and reassuring it over and over on Facebook for everybody that messes up the first time I’ll get the second third or 15th because I’m doing it three times a day and every version you put out do you make a difference and you’ve taught me that and I wanna make a difference to it matters to me God bless you stay safe stay healthy and God send you so many blessings that you can’t count them because you will bless so many thank you

Bel Brown 12 months ago

Alicia yes Khalil Gibran lyrics are the Keys of riverology... Rivers feed the lakes without them they will be empty therefore to enter an ocean is bold to flow in depth. Awesome💞🎶💞. Bel Brown

Madeline Berman 12 months ago

Beautiful Arrangement, blended dual voices.with every heartbeat you are able to visualize the vocal arrangement of the lyrics.You can smell the this song !!!